NYX Foundation Mixer - White | Review

When NYX announced their UK arrival into Boots stores I was so excited for the Pro Foundation Mixer in white. I'm so pale I haven't found a foundation that exactly matches my ghostly complexion, so this product is my saviour!

Its creamy formula mixes into your foundation without altering the consistency or coverage. I use this everytime I apply foundation and I couldn't be without it!

It's purse-friendly at £7.50 and definitely lasts a while, considering how much I actually need to lighten the foundation...

With a range of shades NYX have: opal, luminous, deep, olive and warmth - they have every base covered!

Unwash Haircare | Review

Co-washing is having a big moment and Unwash have released products especially for this. 

The range comprises of: a Bio-Cleansing Conditioner*, Anti-Residue Cleanse* and a Hydrating Masque*. 

Instead of using shampoo, conditioner is used to cleanse the hair to prevent drying and frizz that can be caused by shampoo. It is a weird concept at first as we're all used to using shampoo.

The bio-cleansing conditioner replaces shampoo and gently cleanses while removing dirt and build-up. For a deeper clean the anti-residue cleanse works wonders. My favourite product is the hydrating masque, it leaves the hair feeling silky soft and frizz-free.

I love this three-step routine and I definitely noticed the benefits for my hair. It felt a lot smoother, shinier and softer. It is weird to not use shampoo especially as your hair gets greasier at first when ditching the shampoo.

Alongside the co-washing range is a dry cleanser, aka a dry shampoo. If you hate residue that can be left behind with dry shampoo then you will love this. It absorbs oil without leaving any residue for perfect second-day hair.

I definitely recommend trying the travel kit to see if you like this way to cleanse your hair.
*PR Sample

My Favourite TV Shows

I think we have all established by now that I'm a massive TV addict. So today I'm sharing with you my favourite shows that I can't wait to come back. Imagine watching these shows on a Panasonic 4k TV* too? It would be insane!

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 - October 21st

Can't believe that this will be the last season of TVD. I love vampires and the Salvatore brothers in particular so I'll be sad to see this show come to an end. I hope Elena is back too!

The Walking Dead Season 7 - October 23rd

TWD is such a great show and I can't wait for it to return, I need to know who Negan's victim was. I feel that this show just gets better.

A couple of my favourite shows have already made their comeback and I'm still obsessed with...

Scream Queens - Season 2

Scream Queens is like PLL, only the comedy-horror version! This season is set in Dean Munch's hospital and there's a new killer in town, who could it be? Also can we take a second to talk about how gorgeous every outfit is?! I love the Chanel's.

How to Get Away With Murder - Season 3

After an explosive last season the Keating 5 are back (yay)! A show that definitely gets better with every episode I definitely recommend giving it a go!

I'm also currently watching The Good Wife, Wentworth Prison, Made in Chelsea and of course, the best soap ever - Hollyoaks!

- Daniella

* This post is sponsored by Panasonic

October Wish List | Fashion

I've been obsessed with shopping for clothes recently and I still want more! With the nights turning colder I need to update my winter wardrobe. Here is my fashion wish list for October.

New Look Funnel Neck Jumper

I already have this jumper in grey and I love it! It's so soft and cosy and I love this shade of blue too.

Dorothy Perkins Suede Skirt & Dorothy Perkins Ivory Lace Back Jumper

How cute would this be as an outfit?! The jumper has a gorgeous lace back too. Revouchers has listed all of the current vouchers for Dorothy Perkins so you can grab yourself a bargain!

Dune Pemberley Ankle Boot

How amazing are these boots from Dune?! I would have snapped them up already if they weren't as expensive. I'll keep an eye out and see if they go on offer (please).

Topshop Jamie Jeans

I've recently started wearing jeans and I just love how comfy they are. I have my eye on Jamie Jeans from Topshop, are they any good? If you could let me know where your favourite high-waisted skinnies are from too that would be great!

I always Google for discount codes before I buy something online and Revouchers is a great site for that as it has over 2000 shops! Who doesn't love a discount?!

- Daniella

*This post is sponsored by Revouchers

Autumn Outfit | Primark

With autumn in full swing I'm sharing with you a cute outfit perfect for autumn from one of my favourite stores, Primark.

Brown Suedette Wrap Maxi Jacket £25
White Airtex T-Shirt £6
Blue Distressed Ankle Jeans £13
Tan Zip Ankle Boot £15
Taupe Peach Winged Tote £12

What are your favourite pieces to wear this autumn?
- Daniella

The Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers

Facebook groups are a blogger's best friend. They're filled with opportunities, comment swaps, like-minded people and they're great for helping each other out. Today I'm sharing with you my favourite and most useful Facebook groups!

UK Bloggers
This group is my favourite, if you're ever in doubt of something then UK Bloggers is the group to ask. It's full of bloggers from every niche, with helpful documents, a thread to share your latest blog posts and opportunities from PRs, both paid and gifted. UK Bloggers was so useful to me when I created #BBLOGGERS Magazine as so many bloggers were willing to help me out.

Bloggers Helping Each Other
A side group to UK Bloggers is Bloggers Helping Each Other, this group has daily threads that will help you boost your engagement. From Instagram like swaps, comment swaps and Facebook shares.

UK Blogger Opportunities 
As the name suggests UK Blogger Opportunities is a group for UK Bloggers to find paid and gifting opportunities.

Blogger Opportunities
Similar to the last group, Blogger Opportunities is open worldwide to bloggers and features both paid and gifting opportunities.

UK Instagram Support
UK Instagram Support is a group based on increasing Instagram engagement, with weekly like swaps and comment swaps it's a great group where participation is taken seriously.

Regional Groups
There are blogger groups for different cities and regions, if you just search on Facebook I'm sure you will find one local to you. These groups are great for events around you and meeting fellow bloggers. As I lived in Sunderland at University I joined a few North East groups, now I'm back in Leicester I have joined East Midlands groups. I'll list some down below!

East Midlands Blogger Society, Leicestershire Bloggers, North East UK Bloggers, North East Network of Brilliant Bloggers

Have I missed any of your favourite groups?
- Daniella

Autumn Outfit | Boohoo

As you're probably never going to get an outfit of the day from me (I hate having my photo taken), I still want to share my personal style with you all. So I'll be bringing you a couple of outfits from my favourite stores. First up, online store Boohoo...

Jessica Suedette Biker, Tan

Nina Lace Up Sleeve Crop Blouse, White

Ashleigh High Waisted Denim Skirt

Hannah Thermal Tights

Tia Chunky Heel Cleated Chelsea Boot

What's your favourite online store?
- Daniella

MAC Lipstick - Mehr | Review & Swatches

I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I'm completely obsessed with lipsticks, MAC and matte in particular. Today's post is a review of the popular MAC lipstick in the shade Mehr. 

On the MAC website Mehr is described as a "dirty blue pink" which is a pretty accurate description. Mehr is a "my lips but darker" shade on my pale skin tone and it looks gorgeous.

Its in the same colour family as MAC Brave but it is a tiny bit darker and matte. Mehr is an everyday shade for me as it is so easy to pull off. It pairs with a neutral eye or a smoky eye and it never looks too much.

The matte formula glides along the lips full of pigmentation and wears well before fading. It can dry your lips out as it is a matte lipstick so the lips are better off prepared with a scrub and lip balm beforehand.

I'm yet to be disappointed by any MAC lipstick and I love the shade Mehr.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?
- Daniella