Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | Review

The internet is going mad for Anastasia’s latest release, the new Subculture eyeshadow palette and there are very mixed reviews. Today I’m sharing with you the sister to Subculture, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. 

Complete with a sleek pink lid with magnetic closure, the Modern Renaissance palette features 14 shades from burnt oranges to raspberry pinks. 

The colour selection is fantastic and this palette is any warm lovers dream (me!) The shades are easy to blend and are very pigmented. There is a little kick-back with this palette as the shades are a little powdery. I don’t find fallout to be a massive issue, with the darker shades I do my eyes first and then my base. 

All of the shades are soft and buttery, it has to be my favourite eyeshadow formula. I use this palette pretty much every day and I’ve hit pan on several shades. Realgar is hands down my favourite shade, I love how complementary burnt oranges are to blue eyes. 

I’m hesitant to try Subculture because of the negative reviews, but MR is definitely worth a try. 

Have you tried the new subculture palette?