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Arran Aromatics Eye Gel & Lip Balm Review


Combat Winter Redness with KALME

KALME have a four-way action to combat the winter redness that our skin can feel during the colder months. Action 1: Anti-redness/sensitivity, Action 2: UV Protection (SPF 25) Action 3: 24-hour moisture and Action 4: Antioxidant.

The range consists of a Cream Cleanser*, Night Repair Cream*, Day Defence SPF 25 moisturiser*. The products do not contain chemicals and they are made with naturally active ingredients. 
I use the cleanser after I've washed my face to get rid of the last bits of dirt and to moisturise my skin. I like this cleanser because it's a milky texture that just needs to be wiped around the face and it sinks in, adding moisture whilst cleansing. 

I find the night cream to be richer than the day cream, but that is to be expected. Both of the moisturisers supply my skin with a great amount of moisture and they work well to hydrate my skin.
My only negative with this product is the smell. I do like artificially fragranced products as opposed to natural products but this is only a small complaint. The smell doesn't linger at all.

Overall I love these products from KALME and they have actually reduced the redness in my skin which I am very pleased about.

Have you tried amy KALME products?
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Make-Up Revolution Super Wow High Gloss Lip Colour Stick - Review & Swatches

I'm sure you have all heard of Make-Up Revolution now, they are all the blogger craze with their high-end dupes and ridiculously affordable prices. 

Today I will be reviewing the whole range of their Super Wow High Gloss Lip Colour Stick*. The range has eight shades ranging from nudes, to pinks, orange, red and purple. There is something for everyone in this range.

Make-Up Revolution claim for the lipsticks to have a "high-gloss" but this has to be a typo because they are completely matte, which personally I prefer. They also claim to be waterproof which is actually surprisingly true. After swatching all of the lipsticks on my arm I ran my arm under the tap and the product didn't budge. I also the rubbed my fingers over the water and my arm and it still didn't move, it only started to move with a lot of force (which hurt my arm, all in the name of beauty ey haha). 

L-R: Maria, Call Me, Atomic, Sunday Girl, Hanging on the Telephone, Rap-ture, Dreaming, Heart of Glass

I find some shades can be more drying than others but nothing a little prep doesn't solve. They are really long lasting and they are some of the best drug-store matte lipsticks that I have tried. I like that they are like a chunkier version of a lip liner so it allows you to create a crisp even line around the lips.

Overall I'm really impressed and I don't think you can go wrong at £2.99!

What are your favourite Make-Up Revolution Products?
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Born Pretty Lipstick - Review & Swatches

Lipsticks have to be my favourite make-up product. They can complete a look wether it's a pink nude or a bright red. There's just something about lipsticks that causes me to hoard them (anyone else?)...

Today I will be reviewing two products from Born Pretty Store.

I was sent a Danimer Lipstick in 93* and a Soft Matte Lipstick in 01*.

The Danimer Lipstick is a bright purple shade, it looks quite scary (to me) in the bullet but it is a nice wearable shade on my skin tone. Although the lipstick is pigmented I find it doesn't apply evenly and it is really, really cheap looking and feeling.

The Soft Matte Lipstick in 01 instantly reminded of Topshop's lipsticks with its packaging - which I love! It is a peachy pink nude shade and it is beautiful. I actually don't own any shades similar to this and I'm really liking it. Compared with the other lipstick this one is 10x better, it is creamy, pigmented and lasts a while on the lips too.

Overall I'm really impressed with the matte lipstick and not so much with the purple shade. Have you tried any Born Pretty lipsticks?
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Fight The Winter Itch - Cardiospermum Gel Review

That title is quite the mouthful isn't it? The product I will be reviewing today is for dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin. With winter just around the corner and the colder months looming our skin needs that little bit more moisture. 

Cardiospermum Gel* is a light body and face gel from SkinShop that helps treat and soothe dry itchy skin. It's an all natural gel that isn't tested on animals and contains Aloe Vera.

I have a patch of eczema near my elbow and it can become really dry and itchy either when I'm stressed or when it gets colder. I did find that this product does soothe and relieve the itch and I like to apply it every night to stop the discomfort. Another use which I have found this product to work for is dryness on the skin. When my breakouts are scabby (disgusting, I know...) I find to pat over some of the gel and it works wonders keeping it from being dry and flaky.

If you suffer from eczema or really dry skin then I definitely recommend trying out this product.

What are your winter savours?
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Dream Dots For Spots Review

Dream Dots* are a completely new and innovative way of clearing up breakouts. You simply tear the off one Dream Dot Patch, remove half of the Dream Dot backing paper and attach and press for three seconds. Overnight the Dream Dot aims to clear your breakout, reduce redness and inflammation. 

I found that these did exactly what they said on the box! They help heal the breakout faster and help it disappear a lot quicker compared to other products. It doesn't dry out the skin either.

For me I don't think they are the best thing for my spots as I have far more than one... If you're skin is relatively clear with the occasional breakout then I definitely recommend this product as it is great for quickly dealing with spots.

Overall I do think it's a great idea and it's perfect for the rather large spots that take ages to disappear.

Have you tried Dream Dots?
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October Empties - Skincare

Todays post is the last post in my empties trilogy. To read my make-up empties click here.

Skincare products seem to be the thing I go through the most. Probably because I use them twice a day every day. Here is a peek into my skincare empties, I hope that you enjoy reading my thoughts.

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Daily Wash: If you have read my empties post before there will be no surprise that this face wash is in an empties once again. I do love Clean & Clear and I find this face wash keeps my skin looking better and a tiny bit clearer. It really help keep my skin under control. 
Would I repurchase?

Clean & Clear Advantage Clear & Sooth Daily Scrub: This is the best smelling face scrub I have ever smelt, mmm. I found it to be quite gentle on the skin and really soothing and refreshing.
Would I repurchase?

Garnier Micellar Water: Is an old classic. I did stray from this Micellar water as I found that it did sting my eyes a little bit but in terms of removing make-up it is fantastic.
Would I repurchase?

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover: At first I really did like this product but after a few uses my eye area was very sore and irritated. It's great at removing eye make-up but not so great for sensitive skin. 
Would I repurchase? 

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser: I did like this cleanser, it was a nice milky cream consistency and it did remove my make-up but I much prefer oil-based cleansers. I love the bottle design though, it's great for getting every last drop and to see how much is left. 
Would I repurchase?
What skincare have you used up lately? Will you be repurchasing?
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