My Holiday To Tunisia - Sentido Rosa Beach Review

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On November 5 my boyfriend Michael and I went on holiday to Tunisia for a week. This was my first time ever abroad and I had never been on a plane before so I was so so nervous. After some rushed last minute packing we headed to Newcastle airport for our flight to Tunisia. We looked around the airport and had a cheeky look in Boots, I ended up buying Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer because every time I see the shade fair, 1 I feel the need to stock up (anyone else?...) Anyway after grabbing a meal deal from WHSmith and having a quick wander around and a sit down it was time to board the plane.

As a first time flyer I never anticipated how little room you get on a plane. I was very close to having a panic attack because I thought I wasn't going to be able to sit there and fly for three and a half hours. Michael soon calmed me down just in time for take off. I had never been so nervous in my life, I had no idea what to expect and it was truly terrifying. As I was soooo scared I did handle flying quite well. I preferred looking out of the window because I liked to see what was going on. During our flight we got to see sunset and it was beautiful. 

After three and a half hours since leaving Newcastle Airport we touched down in Enfidha, Tunisia. Michael and I were quite surprised at how nice the airport was, it was definitely a lot prettier than Newcastle. After waiting in the customs queue for what seemed like forever we were finally ready to hop onto the transfer bus to Rosa Beach. The transfer took around an hour and it was an eye-opener into a different culture. It was around 8pm and there were no women around and there were several checkpoints with armed police. In all honesty I was quite scared as it was my first time in a foreign country I didn't know what to expect. After stopping off by two resorts we finally made it to Rosa Beach and as far as first impressions go I and many others were very impressed. Rosa Beach is housed by a gate with security guards (as standard in Tunisia) but outside of the main doors were trees wrapped in fibre optic lights, it looked beautiful at night and it was definitely welcoming. We checked in and were shown to the lifts and we took ourselves to our room. The porter then bought our bags to our room around 10 minutes later. I would have rather taken my own suitcase to my room as porters expect a tip. Then we went downstairs and took a walk outside down to the beach and took in the warm relaxing atmosphere. 

Instead of carrying on a day-by-day diary I'll just round up the holiday as this post could end up being 10,000 words long, haha. 

The weather was a bit hit and miss for us on the week we went because it is autumn and we did know that going into the holiday. We had two bad days of rain but despite this there were things to do in the hotel, there was an indoor pool that was pretty cold but with a bit of moving around it was soon fine. There was also a lobby were you could sit and have drinks or a bar with television. The only shows that were shown was sports - mainly football, Michael was very happy indeed. 
When the weather brightened up we went outside and sunbathed. There were plenty of sun loungers to choose from being off-peak. There's also a pool bar where you can get drinks from and a beach bar, but that was closed half way through the holiday. In terms of drinks there were imported spirits on offer: whisky, vodka, gin, rum, etc and named spirits (but they weren't included in the all inclusive package). Cocktails were also included in the all inclusive package and they were pretty delicious! 
In terms of food there was soooo much to choose from! I'm a pretty fussy eater and I never went hungry. Breakfast had a choice of fruit, cereal, pastry (mmmmm), eggs, made-to-order omelettes, pancakes and savoury snacks. Lunch consisted of salad, meat, pasta, chips, pizza, local dishes and grilled fish/turkey. For lunch there was also the choice of pudding in the form of beautifully presented cakes, fruit and ice-cream. Dinner was quite similar to lunch but a tad bit more fancy. I was really impressed that the pizzas were freshly made and really tasty! 

Before going on holiday I had read loads of Trip Advisor reviews and some people slated the hotel saying that the decor needed updating, the food wasn't great and general negative comments. Honestly I have very few complaints with Rosa Beach and I would take some Trip Advisor comments with a pinch of salt, some people are just so picky! The hotel was beautifully presented and so clean. The hotel was constantly being cleaned. As for the decor needing updating? It was all completely modern, it's a gorgeous hotel. I didn't take any pictures of the room because they were exactly like they are presented in the pictures, clean, big and tidy. My only complaint with the room is the bath, it was quite disgusting and it looked pretty old. Apart form that everything else was fine and the maids did a great job of cleaning and bringing fresh towels every day.

Most of the staff at Rosa Beach were polite and helpful, apart from some staff that did come across rude sometimes. Michael and I didn't really tip and when we did tip it was at the end of the holiday because of the service we received. In the bar that I mentioned with the TV showing sport there was a lovely waiter who couldn't do more for us. Every time he saw that our drinks were finished he would come over and ask if we wanted another one. He was definitely the nicest worker at the hotel and he did deserve a tip. 

To round the review up we had a lovely time and definitely recommend Rosa Beach to anyone who is looking for a holiday. As a young couple we thoroughly enjoyed it and at £270pp for a week all inclusive including transfers it was great value for money and Michael and I would definitely go again. 
Here's some quick pro's and con's:
  • Modern design
  • Clean
  • Great choice of activities 
  • Lovely beach
  • Friendly staff
  • Wide range of food and drink
  • Bath
  • Some unhelpful staff
  • Towels were 20 Tunisian Dinar each (deposit)

My not impressed face... 

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