40 Beauty Questions Tag

I haven't really seen this tag floating around until I spotted it on the lovely Becky's blog, you should all go and check out her amazing blog here.

 I'm loving doing tag posts at the moment as they are a good way of getting to know the author of the blog. So here it goes, I hope you all enjoy it!


How many times do you wash your face daily?
I wash my face at night but I only clean it with micellar water and toner in the morning as my face goes all red and I have to wait ages to put make-up on. It's a tad gross but I don't have enough time.

What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
A few months ago I would have said oily but my skin has took a turn for the worse and it's so dry, I can't even use powder because it just sticks. E45 is my best friend right now.

What is your current facial wash?
It's a Neutrogena one, it takes me back to my youth aha.

Do you exfoliate?
Yeah, a few times a week to get rid of nasty dry skin.

What brand do you use?
I make my own with honey, oil and sugar. 

What moisturizer do you use?
A Neutrogena one for acne prone skin.

Do you have freckles?
I think I do, it's been ages since summer and I normally have a few in summer aha.

Do you use eye cream?
Yeah, just one from Boots.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Yes, all throughout my teenage years I always had blemishes. Now I'm 20, I still get them!

Did you ever have to use Pro-active?
I have no idea what that is...


What foundation do you use?
Right now it's L'Oreal True Match as it's the best foundation I have for dry skin.

How about concealer?
MAC Studio Finish in NW20.

Do you know your undertone colour?
Yep, I'm a pinkie.

What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I think they should be worn at night for nights out and not for the daytime.

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes. But mine always last longer than that.

What brand of mascara do you use?
Lately I've been using my sample size of a Chanel one, it's amazing!

Sephora or MAC?
MAC, I live in the UK so I've never tried Sephora.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

What makeup tools do you use in make-up application?
My fingers and a few brushes.

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
I use my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze.

For the face?
Porefessional on my nose and Baby Skin everywhere else.

What is your favourite eye shadow (colour or shade)?
I don't think I have one...

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
I don't often use one, so rarely.

What do you think of pigment eye shadows?
Some are so beautiful, I need to get some pigment shadows.

Do you use mineral makeup?
Nope, I want to but I'm a heavy coverage kinda girl.

What is your favourite lipstick?
At the moment it's Julian Moore's Collection Privee Nude.

How about lip gloss?
I don't really use gloss. It's so windy in Sunderland and my hair would get stuck to my lips, not good!

What is your favourite blush to use?
Dainty by MAC.

Do you buy your makeup on ebay?

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Love drugstore make-up!

Do you go to CCO’s? (Cosmetic company outlets)
I've never even heard of them.

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
Yeah, I'd love to be a pro at make-up.

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Oh definitely, sometimes it can take me three or four attempts do put on my liquid eyeliner.

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Not getting the right shade of foundation for your skin. Orange is not a good look!

Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick, eye shadow) or neutral ones?
Yeah, I mostly stick to a neutral eye and a bold lip or visa versa. I never go all out bright on a daily basis.

Which celebrity always has great make up?
Millie Mackintosh, her skin is so glowy and she's gorgeous!

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use?
Foundation, I hate my skin.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Nope, this sounds so sad but I have no confidence without it.

Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
No way.

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
Probably MAC as I'm just so in love. But Drugstore I love L'Oreal.

What do you think of Makeup?
It's my passion, I love putting make-up on, talking about it, buying it, blogging it. It's pretty much my life!

Everyone should do this tag, if you have comment a link down below! :)

Daniella x

The Sunday Edit #9

Week run down on my blog:

Monday: TMI Tag
Wednesday: REVIEW: MAC Dainty Blush
Saturday: MAC Wishlist

Hey lovelies, I hope that you've all had a lovely week! I'm sorry for the lack of quality in the posts this week, I haven't had much time to blog and the weather has been to awful to take pictures. :(

This week I've mainly been focussing on editing my video story for University, I've never been so stressed in my life aha, Final Cut Pro kept on shutting itself down and it wasn't playing nice. I was so relieved when we handed it in. I hope we get a good grade!

I've also been blogging on my other blog Daniella's Design and I'd be so appreciative if you could check it out and comment on my posts. It's an assessment for University and we get marked on views and comments so I'd love your help!

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely mums out there! I actually need to wish my mum Happy Mothers Day as I'm so poor I couldn't even afford to get her a card, sorry mum!

I hope you all have a lovely day, enjoy your day with your mums. I'll be writing articles, blogposts and essays... Oh joys, ehe!

Daniella x

MAC Wish List

The weather is awful outside and I haven't had a chance to take any photos so today I'm sharing with you my ever growing MAC wish list. I'm counting down the days until student loan day and I'm going to do some serious MAC shopping!
MAC Wishlist

Mineralize Skin finish in Soft & Gentle: It seems every beauty blogger and their mum has this except for me! I've seen this beautiful highlighter used by most of my favourite YouTubers and I have to have it!

Eye shadow Pallet: I'm desperate to try some eye shadows by MAC, they have such a great choice of colours and the colour pay off looks amazing.

Fix+: When I spoke to a MAC make-up artist online she suggested getting this to solve the powdery mess that happens on my face when using powder blush. My skin is so dry at the moment and it needs some extra moisture so this bad boy would do the job perfectly.

Lipstick: What MAC wish list post would be complete without a lippie?! I've been lusting over Impassioned for a while now and I have to have it. I really want a pink nude lippie too so please leave your suggestions down below.

Studio Sculpt Foundation:  As I've mentioned my skin is so dry and this gel base foundation with high-coverage is calling me!

Strobe Cream: My skin always looks so dull and as it's fast approaching summer I need something that will give my skin the glow that it's lacking.

Lip liner: I'm yet to own any lip liner and I'm seriously in need after noticing my lipstick bleeds all the time.

Prolongwear Concealer: No creases, high coverage, long wearing? Yep, I need this concealer in my life!

What's on your MAC wish list? I hope you enjoyed mine!

Daniella x

REVIEW: Mac Mineralize Blusher - Dainty

Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts on the beautiful Mineralize Blusher - Dainty by MAC. This is my first MAC mineralize product and I am in love.

This blusher is a gorgeous soft pink with subtle shimmer. It can be dusted all over the cheeks for a nice natural sheen or it can be built up to a lovely pink flush of colour.

It's finely milled and very easy to apply, it's also very blendable so if you apply too much it can just be buffed away. As my skin has gone from being oily to very dry due to the weather change this blusher is perfect as it doesn't stick to the dry patches of my face, if I apply it lightly.

It is a tad pricey at £20, but as with MAC you pay for the quality of the product and it's definitely worth it. You do get quite a lot of product too, I don't see myself hitting pan any time soon and I use it pretty much everyday.

Do you own a MAC mineralise blusher? What's your favourite?


I don't have time to do a review post today as I've been editing my video story all day. So today for you lovelies I'm going to do the TMI tag, so you can find out more about me.

1: What are you wearing? A grey jumper with a denim jacket a spotty body con skirt.
2: Ever been in love? Yes, I am right now with my lovely boyfriend.
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes. Isn't every breakup terrible?!
4: How tall are you? I think I'm 5"6.
5: How much do you weigh? Not gonna say ahha, I'm not happy with my weight.
6: Any tattoos? Nope I'm too much of a wuss!
7: Any piercings? I actually have both of my ears stretched to 22mm and my seconds pierced. 
8: OTP? I have no idea what this means?!
9: Favorite Show? At the moment it's My Mad Fat Diary and Pretty Little Liars. But overall probably L Word.
10: Favorite bands? 30 Seconds To Mars, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon, La Dispute, A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, You Me At Six, Of Mice & Men, I could go on and on...
11: Something you miss? Not having to worry about anything, I miss being younger.
12: Favorite song? At the moment it's I the Mighty - The Dreamer
13: How old are you? 20
14: Zodiac sign? Sagittarius 
15: Quality you look for in a partner? Caring, funny, it's great to be with someone that can make you laugh.
16: Favorite Quote? I don't really have any to be honest!
17: Favorite actor? Jared Leto, perfection right there!
18: Favorite color? Pink, I'm a girly girl at heart.
19: Loud music or soft? Loud, I like the music to take over.
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? Probably my room.
21: How long does it take you to shower? Five-ish mins if I'm not washing my hair but if I'm washing my hair and shaving then probably 20 mins.
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? An hour maybe a bit more.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? Nope, only with my brothers and sisters like you do.
24: Turn on? Confidence is sexy.
25: Turn off? Arrogance, I hate arrogant.
26: The reason I joined Blogger? I'm a magazine journalism student so I thought that I needed to. One to practice my writing, the more your write the better you get. I love writing too and it looks great to future employers.
27: Fears? I have a huge phobia of necks. It's so weird and I'm not sure where it's come from. 
28: Last thing that made you cry? Probably the tele! I cry at everything aha!
29: Last time you said you loved someone? Earlier, I say it to my boyfriend Michael all the time.
30: Meaning behind your Blogger name? I'm not too sure, I liked the sound of it and just went from there.
31: Last book you read? NCTJ Essential Public Affairs - my life is wild.
32: The book you’re currently reading? Nothing, I don't have much spare time to read.
33: Last show you watched? American Dad! before I went to bed last night.:)
34: Last person you talked to? Michael, he's sitting next to me playing Saints Row.
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Boyfriend.
36: Favorite food? Cake, and lots of it.
37: Place you want to visit? Everywhere!
38: Last place you were? University.
39: Do you have a crush? Of course, on Michael and Jared Leto.
40: Last time you kissed someone? Thirty mins ago.:P
41: Last time you were insulted? Today, Michael always likes to mess around.
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? Bubblegum.
43: What instruments do you play? None, I have no talent. :(
44: Favourite piece of jewellery? These gorgeous plugs Michael got me.
45: Last sport you played? Is it bad that I can't even remember?...
46: Last song you sang? I think it might have been Careless Whisper by George Michael, what a song!
47: Favourite chat up line? I don't have one.
48: Have you ever used it? Don't have one.
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Right now with Michael.
50: Who should answer these questions next? Everyone, I'd love to read more about you!
I hope that you've found out more about me and leave a link to your TMI tag in the comments below, I'd love to read them!
Daniella x

The Sunday Edit #8

Week run down on my blog:

Monday: Sleek Face Form Review and Swatches
Wednesday: Lush Mask of Magnanimity Review
Saturday: Make-up storage/set up wishlist

Hey lovelies, I hope you've all had a wonderful week! I haven't purchased any make-up in what seems like years and I'm craving a splurge. Hurry up student loan day! I need the Naked 3 pallet and all of MAC in my hands (a girl can dream)!! This week was the same as most to be honest, although the weather has been sunny and much warmer. Hello Spring!

Today the sun is beaming down and it's the nicest weather I've seen for a while. Me and two of my classmates from University went to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland today to film for our news story assessment. We are doing a story on the mothers day paperweight making that is running at the centre. We interviewed the glass maker as well as the participants. We also got to see the furnaces, and oh God when he opened it my face nearly melted off! 1000 degrees of pure heat, I felt like my foundation was going to slide off... I took a few pictures to show all of you lovelies how nice the weather was as well as some pics of the Glass Centre, it's so cool there.

What did you get up to this week?




Participants working on their paperweights

Hot Glass Studio


Inside Glass Centre

Gift shop

Lovely view of the river Wear


Outside National Glass Centre

Side view of NGC




University of Sunderland
St Peters Campus

Cute marble I bought from
the gift shop

Lovely view of the river Wear and the sea

Make-up storage/setup wishlist

Today I'm sharing with you my make-up storage wishlist. I live in a shared house at the moment so there's no room for me to get any of this storage (not like I can afford it right now anyway haha). But I'm living with my boyfriend next year in a flat so I hope they'll be loads of room for all this beautiful storage!

Make-up storage wishlist

Some of these items aren't exactly what I want but it's on the same lines. So I'll start from left to right on the top and then left to right on the bottom.

Ikea Alex Drawers: It's seems every beauty blogger has these incredible draws and I'm dying to get my hands on it as it's a perfect way to store make-up. I love the colour, it's so fresh and crisp.

Illuminating mirror: We all have the same problem in Winter when waking up at 7am and it's still dark outside! These mirrors solve that problem, they don't have an orange tinge like a lamp does so it almost recreates natural daylight, so it makes it easier to see what you're doing (life savour!).

Ikea Malm Dressing table: Isn't Ikea just amazing? This dressing table comes with a draw so even more beauty storage. I'd put make-up wipes, cotton pads, baby wipes, ear buds and make-up remover in here so it's all easy access for when I'm in the middle of getting ready. I'm so messy and I always need to wipe my hands after using foundation.

Clear acrylic drawers: You can buy these from eBay, Amazon and Muji. These drawers would sit on my dressing table and have my everyday make-up, products I want to use up and new products I want to try. This will make it easier for me to reach my make-up instead of searching for it.

Vanity mirror: These are just beautiful. I've always wanted a vanity, it's so girly and chic and a must have in my make-up set up.

Dressing table chair: I love these kind of chairs, they're so pretty and comfy and it completes the whole vanity set up.

When I finally have all of my storage and set up how I want, I'll definitely have a post showing you all of it.

What's on your beauty storage wishlist?

Daniella x

REVIEW: Lush Mask of Magnanimity

If you have read my February favourites you would have seen this lovely product. I (well my boyfriend) bought it for me a month or so ago and I've only used half. I use it a few times a week, sometimes on my whole face and sometimes on problem areas. I have the 125g one and it cost £5.25 but you can buy the bigger 315g for £9.95. It may seem a tad expensive for a face mask but oh my, it's so so worth it!

I have very problematic skin and I get loads of breakouts, not acne but red, sore unsightly breakouts, yuk! I've always wanted to try a face mask and Lush are well-known for theirs, I picked up Mask of Magnanimity because it looked the best for my skins needs.

The mask can be used on your face, on your back, on your chest - basically anywhere you have spots. It contains peppermint oil which stimulates the skin, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin and evening primrose and aduki beans to ex foliate when you wash it off.

When the mask is on it feels very refreshing, like a breeze of cool air. It smells amazing, I love the smell of peppermint and just as well as this smells refreshingly pepperminty (that makes sense, right? Aha)

The thing I love the most is that when you wash it off it does gently ex foliate your skin so it saves you the job of doing it afterwards. When I've got a few breakouts that I want to reduce by the morning I wack this mask on and it soothes my skin and calms my spots. It really does work!

After I've scrubbed the mask off my skin feels so smooth, this mask is really a miracle worker. I might pick up the bigger pot next as I love it!

What is your favourite Lush face mask?



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Sleek Face Form Review & Swatches

I've had this product for a month or so now and I've had plenty of time to thoroughly road test it. So today I'm sharing with you my views on Sleeks Face Form.

First of all, it's a face contour kit; it has a brown contour, a highlighter and a blusher. It retails for £9.99 and can be found in Superdrug, on their website and on Sleek's website. It comes in four shades: fair, light, medium and dark. I went for light as fair has more of a peachy tone blush and I prefer pink blushers.

Sleek Face Form

I love this product, although I'm pretty new to contouring the contour shade is perfect - it isn't too orange, nor too muddy, Sleek have hit the money with this contour! The highlight is a gorgeous champagne colour, perfect for a nice glow. The blusher is a shimmery rose gold but it's not too shimmery that you end up looking like a glitterball, it has the right amount of shimmer for a healthy glow.

Left to right - Blusher, Highlight, Bronzer
Please excuse my deformed hand...

Sleek are known for their highly pigmented products and this kit doesn't fall short. It's so pigmented so you only need a little bit and it blends out so evenly and perfectly. I think you can tell by this review that I love love love this product. It also has a mirror on the opposite side so it's great if you're on the go!

I'll definitely be trying more products from Sleek. What are your thoughts on this contour kit?



The Sunday Edit #7

Week run down on my blog:

Monday: March Wishlist
Wednesday: L'Oreal Micellar Water Review
Saturday: MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks Review

I'm so glad this week is over, it's been so busy! I've spent most of my week at Uni completing my Magazine redesign. Phew, so happy that it's finally been handed in!

If you've read my previous Sunday Edit's you will know that I got an article of mine published on SR News. This week I got an article published on Fashion North, all about my top picks from Sephora, please read it here. Getting published is the best feeling, I love seeing my work on websites! These websites are all run by the University I go to - Sunderland. It's great for students to get published and showcase their talent.

Well that's pretty much all for the week, the sun is shining and I'd love to go to the beach but I'm gonna sit back, relax and watch some tele.

How has your week been? I'd love to know.



MAC Cremesheen Lipstick

These beauties have been my go to lipsticks for the past month. I love love love pink lipsticks and these are the perfect shades.

On the left is Speak Louder and to the right is Speed Dial (£15 each).

The formula is cremesheen and this means that they're super creamy but also very pigmented, so one swipe and you're good to go! These are the only MAC lippies that I own but I'm dying to get my hands on a Matte one as I don't really wear a matte lip.

If you're looking for a nourishing lipstick then these are the ones to go for. They last for a good few hours and most importantly they don't dry out your lips.

The packaging is the classic MAC bullet and I adore the packaging, it's super sleek so it fits in my make-up back with no worries.
I'll definitely be purchasing more!

What are your favourite lipsticks?

Daniella x

L'Oreal Micellar Water Review

I'm sure most of you beauty lovers would have already heard of this L'Oreal micellar water craze by now. But for those of you who don't it's a cleanser to take your make-up off, equivalent to the well-loved french Bioderma.

Bioderma micellar water seems to be so talked about among bloggers but I've never actually tried it. It isn't that accessible to buy in the UK and it seems a bit expensive for my tight student budget. There are great alternatives available in the British Drugstore though.

So I bought this a few months ago and I'm currently on my second bottle, as you can see from the picture it's nearly all gone. I do really like this product, it removes all of my make-up, removes all the dirt and it doesn't have a horrible smell. But there are some major downfalls for me, it stings my eyes really bad if I use a tiny bit too much and the bottle design is stupid. I've used so much already because of the cap, it gives you way much more cleanser than you actually need!

I do like the idea of miceller waters as they're better for your skin than baby wipes but after my L'Oreal bottle has been finished I'm going to try Garnier's version as many people have said it's better.

Expect a comparison post when I've started using the Garnier micellar water.

What's your favourite micellar water?

Daniella x

March Wishlist

Every month I'm going to do a monthly wishlist. Loads of beauty products come out all the time and lets be honest who doesn't love buying new things?!

I've just come across the website Polyvore and omg it makes wishlist posts so easy! If you haven't already check it out, it's an amazing website. 

Here is my current March wishlist...

March Wishlist

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush: Now just look at it (top left) aren't they just the most beautiful blushes that you've ever seen?! I'm not sure what shade I want but they're just so so beautiful.

Mac Eyeshadow Quad: Every YouTuber that I watch has a stash of MAC eye shadows, they look so beautiful and so pigmented. I really want to start my own pallet but I couldn't afford to fill a bigger pan up just yet.

Urban Decay Naked 3: This is at the top of my wishlist and has been for a while but at £37 I could never justify spending it. As soon as I've saved up I'm getting this beautiful pallet, it's so perfect for spring!

Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray: My make-up never stays on all day and I've seen a few bloggers rave about this and I'd love to try it.

L'oreal Magic Lumi primer: My skin is so dull and lacking radiance, this primer looks perfect for my dull skin needs.

Revlon Matte Balms: I do have a lacquer balm but I don't like it that much. I really want a matte one as I hate transfer when I'm eating food and I'm assuming the matte ones would personally be better for me.

Collection 2000 concealer: I'm sure most of you have heard everybody rave about this concealer, I've never tried it and that needs to change.

Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser: Do I need to say more?! I'm so lazy when it comes to moisturiser, when I come out of the shower I just want to put my PJ's on and relax. I don't want to wait for moisturiser to dry and this looks the perfect fix for that.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation: I have terrible skin and I need a heavy coverage foundation. This looks great and it comes in quite a few different shades too.

That's all for my March wishlist, I hope I can save some pennies to purchase some of these products. 

What's on your wishlist this month?

Daniella x


The Sunday Edit #6

Week run down on my blog:

Monday: Think Pink Lush Bath Bomb
Wednesday: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Saturday: How to deep clean make-up brushes

Hello lovelies, how are you all doing? The weeks are flying by so fast it's gonna be summer soon! As always my week hasn't been totally exciting... Blogging, eating, University yep, that's basically my life at the moment!

I'm on a bit of a spending ban as my student bank balance is crying at me. That being said I did order some brushes from eBay two or three weeks ago and they came on Friday. I bought 10 brushes for £12, bargain right?! I'll do a blogpost on them later when I've had more use out of them, so far I love love love!

As like every week I did get an article published on My Student Style, this week it's eye complimenting colours, the best eye shadow for different coloured eyes. 

What did you get up to this week?