New Years Resolutions And The Best Part Of 2014 - #BigblogmasProject2014 Day 31

Docklands Fireworks, Scott Cresswell
Used under the Creative Commons licence 

It is now the end of the blogmas project and I have loved taking part! My last post for this years blogmas will be in the form of my New Years Resolutions. I'm not one for New Years Resolutions as I feel like everyone says that they're going to do something and never stick to it, myself included. So this post will not include any of that "new year, new me" crap that you see on everyone's Facebook status.

Maybelline Colour Tattoos - #BigblogmasProject2014

I'm sure you have heard of Maybelline Colour Tattoos by now. Every blogger raves about them, and for good reason too! They can be used as eye-shadow bases or they work alone as a cream eye shadow. They set to a powder finish so they're great for slapping on and blending when you're in a rush.

Blogmas Roundup #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 29

Wow, 29 days to blogging everyday in December. How crazy! Today's post is a quick one to roundup the whole challenge. Big thanks to Nicole for hosting this, check out her blog if you haven't done so already - it's fab!

I love blogging but I don't think blogging every day is for me. I didn't write my posts up beforehand and I regret not doing so. University work got on top of me and I did miss a posting a day or two but the post that I missed went up a day or so later.

I didn't enjoy some of the topics either so I did change them and posted what I wanted, whether that be a review or something else. I didn't want to write a post that I wouldn't write usually.

Overall I have enjoyed this experience but I will definitely be sticking to blogging three/four times a week.

Some of my favourite posts that I have done during this challenge arei:

MAC Diva Review

My Favourite YouTuber's

Make-Up Revolution All About Pink Blush Palette

Lancome Les Miniatures Gift Set

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review

Check the posts above if you've missed them. Have a great day!

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November/December Empties - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 28

MAC Lipstick Diva - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 27

Christmas In Five Pictures - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 26

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I certainly did. Today I will be sharing with you five pictures from Christmas day. My images aren't the greatest as I did forget to take snaps (whooops)!

A Quick Christmas Wish - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 25

Christmas Tree by Matee, but who cares
Under the Creative Commons licence
I hope you're all having a lovely day and eating lots of yummy food. This is just a quick wish to say Merry Christmas and I hope you have a lovely day. 
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Make-Up Revolution All About Pink Blush Palette - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 24

It's Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is having a good day and who's excited for Christmas tomorrow?! Today I will be reviewing Make-Up Revolution All About Pink Blush Palette*.
The blush palette comes with six blushers and two highlighters. There's a mix of matte and shimmery blushes and there's a champagne highlighter and a pink-toned highlighter.

All the shades are gorgeous and highly pigmented. I do suggest using a light hand and building the colour up or it might be too much at first. Although saying that, the shades do blend out nicely.
There's a shade for every make-up look in this palette and it's only £6! 
Make-Up Revolution have done it again, with another fantastic product.
What's your favourite Make-Up Revolution Palette?
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Best Christmas Jumpers - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 23

I've searched Polyvore and today I will be sharing with you the cutest and best Christmas jumpers I can find.
Christmas Jumpers

Which one is your favourite? Mine's the top middle one - super cute!
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DIY Christmas Treats - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 22

Today I'll be sharing with you one of my favourite YouTuber's latest video. If you fancy making some tasty Christmas treats! 

What's your favourite tasty treat?
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Christmas Playlist - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 21

I love Christmas music and Last Christmas by Wham is my all time favourite. I'm a huge lover of George Michael and I did used to have his Careless Whisper song as my phone ringtone a few years ago... Cool ey? Anyway, moving on... Today I'll be sharing with you an Xmas playlist I came across on Spotify. It is full of classics and new Xmas songs so it will no doubt get you in the Christmas spirit.

What's your favourite Christmas song?
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Urban Decay Vice 3 Review - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 20

Favourite Christmas Posts/Videos - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day 19

Today's post is a super quick one as I'm super busy with uni work. I haven't had time to write up and schedule posts as I've been to busy so I'm currently writing them on the day. So apologies if the posts aren't that good. I also haven't had time to read other peoples blogs so I've thrown some videos into the mix too. 

Jess Tastics: Nail Inspo

Time To See The Stars: Winter Lips

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