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Today's post is a different one because I've handed over Freshly Pressed Beauty to a guest poster, my lovely boyfriend Michael! I was recently contacted by Lenses Contact asking if I would like to review the products that they offer. As I don't wear glasses/contacts myself I thought it would be a great idea to still review the products so I handed the reigns over to Michael! 
Lenses Contact have various different contact lenses for special occasions like Halloween or lenses for more day-to-day wear. They have a vast amount of accessories and contact lenses supplied by authorised distributors.
Before I hand you over to Michael I want to tell you about the LAIM Moisture Eye Spray. I used this when my eyes were irritated because that happens to me a lot. You spray it over your closed eye and it soothes and relives the irritation.

Now, over to Michael...

Over the past month I have been using bi-weekly contact lenses kindly send to me by

I was wearing daily contact lenses from Specsavers for about a year and a half before my student budget wouldn’t stretch that far and I opted for a cheap pair of glasses. I’ve still got some pairs left for when I play sport and for other times when glasses are not the most practical option.

I was a bit apprehensive switching to bi-weekly because I liked the no fuss option of daily lenses, but I was willing to try something different and see if it would work better.

Those of you who wear contact lenses or who have tried, know that the first few times putting them in are a nightmare but always make sure you have very clean hands otherwise your eyes can get really irritated.

The contact lenses I used are the TopVue Premium (6 lenses), the first thing I noticed was that on these lenses they have no markings on the lens itself. The dailies I used before have a “123” engraved on them so it’s easy to see if they are inside out or not, which can come in handy.

That said, I had no problems putting them in and I never put them in inside out, so I must have been doing something right. After putting them in I noticed that I couldn’t feel the lens in my eye. Normally I can feel the edge of the lens with my eyelid, but with these I had no problems with my eye getting used to having something in it. So hopefully this means putting them in after doing your make-up shouldn’t make your eyes water.

Straight away it felt like I wasn’t wearing any lenses and it felt a bit weird having such clear vision without the feeling of lenses. In terms of my actual vision it was just the same as previous contact lenses and glasses.

Throughout the day I never noticed that I was wearing lenses even right through to the evening. When I was working my eyes didn’t feel over strained, even when watching movies. When I wore them playing football I never felt like they were going to fall out or cause me any problems.

One of the few drawbacks occurred when it was time to take them out. Normally it takes me a few seconds to get my contacts out. But with these lenses, probably due to the thinness of the edge, they were pretty tricky to get out. Nevertheless after a few attempts and clean fingers they came out and went straight into the solution.

The lens holder was great, having it next to my bed made me remember to take them out and store them safely. I would say watch how much solution you are using because the holders are quite big and filling them up would use a lot of solution.

Another little device that I’ve not used before was Barrel Lens Case. This little device is great, whenever I felt like the lenses were a little dirty and didn’t want to damage them by washing, I would just pop them in and give it a spin. You can see the dirt fall into the solution and your lenses come out clean as new.

I’m very conscious about making sure whatever goes in my eye is very clean so having the washer/spinner was great and I had no problems with the solution either.

I think these products are designed for those who already wear contact lenses so if you’re thinking about switching to contacts, I would visit an optician first before going on a whim. The instructions are also in Czech so make sure you know what you are doing before you get started.

The Contact Lens Applicator wasn't for me as I found it too fiddly. Using my fingers was so much easier. 

Overall these have definitely converted me from daily to bi-weekly lenses. The feeling of having nothing touching your eyelid is great and combined with the saving from daily to bi-weekly it’s a no brainer. Not being tied to a contract is also a great idea as I can just buy lenses as and when I need them, instead of having them pile up whilst still paying for them. 
*All products were PR samples


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