Maybelline Brow Drama | Review

Brows are my latest obsession and I want to try everything brow related! Maybelline Brow Drama is a brow gel that sets and adds more fibres to the brow hairs, resulting in thicker brows.
I have the shade blonde and although it is a great shade for blondes I like my brows to be a light brown. The shade is a perfect ashy tone though, so if you are blonde it will not make your brows have a red glow around them, which is not a great look...
I do like Maybelline Brow Drama but the spherical wand makes it hard to set my brows without getting it everywhere. I much prefer Benefit's Gimme Brow as the wand is tiny and great for getting the front of the brows.
Have you tried Maybelline Brow Drama?
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Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer | Review

 Soap and Glory are a brand that are loved amongst the blogosphere – for good reason too, have you tried their shower gels?! I’ve not tried many products from their make-up line but today I will be reviewing their Kick Ass Concealer.

The Kick Ass Concealer has a peach toned concealer to correct dark circles, a yellow toned concealer to correct redness and a translucent powder to set everything in place. All housed in a sturdy black cute compact.

The concealers are creamy and pigmented and they do a great job of colour correcting. I like to use the concealers underneath my foundation and usual concealer as I find the yellow shade to be too dark for me as I’m as pale as a ghost.

They work well into the skin with various tools including fingers, brushes and sponges. My preferred method is a sponge.

I love how it has a translucent powder on top as it makes it a great product for travel or just convenience in general. The powder is finely milled and sets make-up beautifully.

For £10 you are getting three products in one. I think the value for money is great! I really want to try more Soap & Glory make-up. What’s your favourite?
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Maybelline Lash Sensational | Review

I love Maybelline's mascara’s in general and my favourites are The Falsises and Colossal Volum’ Express. But their new release: Lash Sensational has taken the top spot.

I’ve never had a mascara give so much of everything, usually mascaras are best suited to volume or length, but never really encompass both. Lash Sensational makes my lashes look fake – in a good way! I’m lucky that I have naturally long eyelashes but I like my lashes to look long and voluminous.

The only complaint I did have is that Maybelline didn’t have a waterproof version available at first and my eyes are so watery I need waterproof mascara. Maybelline have now released a waterproof version that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

If you’re looking for a mascara to change the way your lashes look then I definitely recommend this latest release from Maybelline – I cannot praise it enough!
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Urban Decay Original Primer Potion | Review

Today’s post is all about the well-known and well-loved Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion. Priming my lids is a must for me as I have super oily eyelids. Sometimes I use the Primer Potion by itself or underneath MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, for extra staying power.

Urban Decay’s Primer Potion comes in four formulas, Original, Eden, Anti-Ageing and Sin. The Original version is the one that I will be reviewing but I will briefly describe the differences. Eden is a matte-almost-yellow-toned primer which is great for cancelling purple on the lids. Anti-Ageing does what it says on the tin – it helps fight ageing on the eyelids, it is a similar consistency to the orginal version. Sin is a purple-toned metallic potion which will help shades appear more metallic.

The Original Primer Potion is a skin-shade that almost appears translucent when pressed onto the eyelid. It sets down to a tacky finish and I find putting face powder over the top so I can blend my eye shadows evenly.

Primer Potion is great at helping eye shadow stick around all day and it prevents shadow from creasing.

I can’t fault this product in any way and I will definitely repurchase it. I am interesting in trying the Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base though, but then again, I am a make-up addict!

Have you tried Primer Potion? Which one is your favourite?

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Zoeva Brushes - 221 & 227 | Review

Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease
Zoeva 221 Luxe Crease
Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer
Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer
You can never have too many brushes! Especially when it comes to blending brushes because blended eye shadow brings a whole look together. I picked up these two Zoeva brushes after hearing so many good things about Zoeva as a brand and I am not disappointed.

The Zoeva 221 Luxe Crease is a tapered brush that helps you get a really defined blended crease and it's perfect for creating a cut-crease look. 

The Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer is a flat blending brush which is great for adding shadow to the lid and blending out shadow in the crease. This is my favourite of the two and I believe it is a dupe for the MAC 217 although I haven't tried it.

Both brushes are really soft and not scratchy at all. Zoeva brushes are really affordable too. If you're on the hunt for a few new brushes check out the Zoeva brushes. I have my eye on the Rose Gold set next!
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Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It AHA Facial Scrub | Review

Today I will reviewing Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It special pore refining facial scrub £9.00, now that is a long name!

I'm not a big fan of grainy scrubs because they can really damage the skin. Although this isn't a grainy scrub per-se it isn't a liquid exfoliant either. You smooth on a layer of the scrub and leave it on your skin for 2-ish or so minutes and then you rinse it off.

It contains AHA's which help chemically exfoliate your face and this is so much gentler - but effective - and it leaves the skin a lot smoother and refined. 

It does have a citrus scent which always makes me think of toilet cleaner but I can definitely overlook that.

It comes in a squeeze tube which I love as it makes it so easy to get the product out. The scrub does tingle slightly when it's on but that's how you know it is working.

I'm obsessed with this and I use it 2-3 times a week. It doesn't dry out my skin which is a huge plus. If you're looking for a new exfoliant then definitely consider this one from Soap & Glory.

What do you think of Soap & Glory's skincare?
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