Top Five Beauty Books

As some of you know for my final year in University I created a magazine aimed at beauty bloggers, that you can read here. I've decided to upload a few of the articles to my blog as posts because I did write them after all and I think that you beauties will be interested. So here are the top five beauty books!

Lauren Conrad - Beauty

I loved Lauren Conrad on The Hills, didn’t we all? Most of all I loved her style and her make-up always looked beautiful. Lauren Conrad’s Beauty book provides all the information you need wether you’re just starting out or you’re more of a beauty veteran. The charming writing style infused with Lauren’s bubbly personality makes it a warm read.

Fleur De Force - The Glam Guide

Fleur De Force started uploading videos to YouTube in 2009 because of her passion for beauty and fashion. What began as a hobby for her quickly turned into over 1 million subscribers. With her YouTube success it gave her the opportunity to write her own book, The Glam Guide. With a mix of beauty, fashion, style, relationships and healthy eating it covers every aspect of life. With a mix of photographs and gorgeous illustrations The Glam Guide is a delightful read.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Bobbi brown is a well-known beauty brand creator. Bobbi Brown cosmetics are well-loved amongst beauty lovers and great amazing products. The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is for those that want a more visiual guide. With amazing image tutorials on how to create  the perfect look. We love this book for inspo if we are unsure of what look to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest

Beauty journalist Sali Hughes is well-known and well-loved in the beauty industry. Pretty Honest is a straight talking beauty guide for the everyday woman. Sali explains everything in a way that can be understood by all beauty lovers. With personal anecdotes and an easy-to-follow style, Pretty Honest is a great on-the-go read for beauty lovers of any age.

Miles of MAC - James Gager and Miles Aldridge

MAC Cosmetics are one of the most well-known beauty brands out there.Miles of MAC presents 100 looks that showcase the span of MAC’s 30 years high-fashion make-up lifespan. If you’re more into visuals then Miles of MAC is the beauty book for you.

What's your favourite beauty book?
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