As some of you know (because you are sources in my magazine) I created a magazine for my final project at university - I study magazine journalism for those that don't know. I'm actually all finished university now and I graduate in July, how crazy! Anyway, I created a magazine called #BBLOGGERS for my dissertation, the magazine is aimed at beauty bloggers and beauty lovers alike. I wanted to share it with you as you're my target audience and some of you are sources in my magazine!

Please do remember that I have designed, written, edited everything myself. An actual magazine has a lot of staff working on an issue so please bear in mind that I have done this all by myself and I'm still learning. Page 52 & 53 are accidentally the same photo. Before uploading this I made a few small changes and accidentally relinked the photo wrong. In the printed version (it was printed last week) this isn't the case.

I have added a disclaimer to my magazine but I will post another here. All of the images that I have taken myself are stated. I have done my best to credit everyone that I could find credit for. Celebrity images are not my own, neither are adverts and beauty product images. This is not for financial regain and only for my, Daniella Keating's university project at the University of Sunderland.

UPDATE: I got a first! Soooo happy!

Please let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Have a lovely day! :)

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