The Sunday Edit #22 - Bowling Fun & The Struggles Of Finding A Job

This week has been a very relaxing one, which after all the stress from finishing uni it's definitely needed! Tuesday me and Michael went on a triple date with our friends, it felt very grown up! We went to bowling and played three games. I didn't win any, of course... I was pretty terrible actually! Bowling was lots of fun though as I do love a good bowl. We then went to Marcello's in Sunderland and had some pizza and pudding - the perfect combination of course. 

Michael went home to work with his dad for the summer so I've been flying the nest alone (we live together if you don't know). My life this week has consisted of: watching the Hills, playing GTA (I am addicted, daniellaydg on PSN if you want to add me) and looking for a job. I'm looking for a job in retail or similar for now because Michael still has a year to finish at uni so I'm staying in Sunderland with him. We're going to save up to move to London, where hopefully we can both get a job in magazines. 

In other news, my baby sister is now over three months old. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

This week I've been listening to: Hobbie Stuart, he really has an amazing voice!
This week I've been loving:  The original UD Naked Palette.
This week I've been watching: The Hills. Lauren Conrad is a babe.
This week I've been lusting after: The new UD blushes.
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I'm so excited to blog again, so you will have four posts to read each week on Freshly Pressed Beauty.

What have you been up to this week?
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