NYX Foundation Mixer - White | Review

When NYX announced their UK arrival into Boots stores I was so excited for the Pro Foundation Mixer in white. I'm so pale I haven't found a foundation that exactly matches my ghostly complexion, so this product is my saviour!

Its creamy formula mixes into your foundation without altering the consistency or coverage. I use this everytime I apply foundation and I couldn't be without it!

It's purse-friendly at £7.50 and definitely lasts a while, considering how much I actually need to lighten the foundation...

With a range of shades NYX have: opal, luminous, deep, olive and warmth - they have every base covered!

Unwash Haircare | Review

Co-washing is having a big moment and Unwash have released products especially for this. 

The range comprises of a Bio-Cleansing Conditioner*, Anti-Residue Cleanse* and a Hydrating Masque*. 

Instead of using shampoo, conditioner is used to cleanse the hair to prevent drying and frizz that can be caused by shampoo. It is a weird concept at first as we're all used to using shampoo.

The bio-cleansing conditioner replaces shampoo and gently cleanses while removing dirt and build-up. For a deeper clean the anti-residue cleanse works wonders. My favourite product is the hydrating masque, it leaves the hair feeling silky soft and frizz-free.

I love this three-step routine and I definitely noticed the benefits for my hair. It felt a lot smoother, shinier and softer. It is weird to not use shampoo especially as your hair gets greasier at first when ditching the shampoo.

Alongside the co-washing range is a dry cleanser, aka a dry shampoo. If you hate residue that can be left behind with dry shampoo then you will love this. It absorbs oil without leaving any residue for perfect second-day hair.

I definitely recommend trying the travel kit to see if you like this way to cleanse your hair.

*PR Sample