Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Blonding Kit & Silver Toner | Review

Silver hair is all the rage these days and it's something that I have wanted for a few months, however the hairdresser said I would have to lose length in order to bleach it. When Jerome Russell reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their blonding products I jumped at the chance! I must admit I was quite scared that my hair would fall out, but I gave it ago anyway...

Just before we jump into the review I'm going to include a disclaimer:
  • I'm not a professional
  • What works for me might not work for you
  • This is just my experience
  • Always do a patch test and follow the instructions
  • Your hair could fall out or become damaged

I'm a natural blonde but I've dyed my hair blonder a few times myself and at the hairdressers. The last time I went to the hairdressers they dyed my hair brown at the top fading into blonde - baylayage. I've been waiting for the brown to completely fade from my hair but two months later it wasn't completely gone. So I took the plunge and used the Jerome Russell Blonding Kit*.

The kit comes with instructions, a pair of gloves, powder bleach, 30vol peroxide, a mixing tub and a brush to apply the bleach. I chose kit number two which is for blonde or light brown hair. 

In terms of mixing the product up it's really simple. You mix the powder bleach and peroxide in the mixing tub until it's a smooth paste. This product is really thick so it needs a good stir.

Jerome Russell recommend roping someone in and helping your with applying the bleach to your hair, I had the help of my lovely boyfriend Michael - who did an amazing job.

He applied the bleach to my ends and then to my roots and we left it on for an hour-ish. The maximum recommended time is 90mins. We used two kits as Jerome Russell recommend two if you have thick or longer than shoulder length hair.

Included in the kit is a clarifying conditioning shampoo that is used to help wash the bleach out from your hair. When I had washed all the bleach out I dried my hair to see the result.

Now, here comes the part where I was freaking out... My hair went orange where the brown had been and platinum blonde at the ends. As I'm super conscious about my hair I insisted Michael head to Bodycare and pick up another kit for me. I know bleaching your hair twice in one go isn't ideal but I needed to get the orange out of my hair.

He applied the bleach just to the orange bits of my hair and we waited another hour. Now the time had come to rinse it out again and use the shampoo. As I was drying my hair I was praying that the orange had come out - it did! 

My hair was now a pale yellow shade with a mix of platinum tones coming through. I needed to tone my hair and this is where their Silver Toner* came in handy... The toner is purple in colour and doesn't contain any peroxide - in fact the toner is quite nourishing. We applied the toner to my hair and put one of the spare caps on and blasted my hair with the hair dryer for five minutes as recommended. I left it on for a further 25 minutes and washed it out.

When my hair was dry I was now left with super light ashy blonde hair with a hint of silver. I'm still trying to get my hair fully silver and I might try the toner again. It is perfect for banishing yellow toners though!

I bet you're wondering if my hair is completely fried, frizzy and damaged? I'm very pleased to say that it isn't! It does feel dry but my hair was dry before. Being a natural blonde and having mostly blonde hair before I dyed it definitely helped and if you are blonde I think it would work better for you.

I don't regret bleaching my hair myself and I'm really happy with how the finished product turned out!

Here is a really bad photo of my current hair! Sorry there are no before and after photos per se, this was kind of spare of the moment and when my hair was orange I panicked! If you compare the photo in my sidebar to the photo below then you can see the difference.

If you have any recommendations for silver toners or hair care then definitely leave your recommendations in the comments. 

What's your opinion on silver hair?


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