10 Things Every Fresher Should Know | Freshers Series #2

Starting University can be daunting, meeting lots of new people, living with strangers, moving away from home - I get it, it's scary. When I first moved into halls I was super nervous meeting all of my flatmates and living 160 miles away from home. 

I will be sharing with you today my top tips for freshers and what you can expect from University. *This is based on my own experiences and everyone has different experiences, but I hope that this helps you look forward to freshers!*

Find Facebook groups
This is such a great thing to do as you will be able to find your course mates, your flatmates and other people that will be in your halls. Add them as a friend, get chatting to them and get to know them.

Have some alcohol ready for the first night of freshers
If you drink have some ready, we all know University is majorly about the big nights out, plus it saves you a trip to the supermarket!

Attend all of the introductory classes
This will be in the first week of freshers, your tutors and other staff members will give you an introduction to the University and what you can expect from your course. It's a great way to meet your course mates and other students.

Flatmates can be annoying
Loud music, coming in at god knows what time and messing around is something that you can expect from your flatmates. It is annoying but I bet you will do it and annoy them at sometime too (I bet).

Student loan day
Oh student loan day, the day where you feel like a millionaire... Try and budget as soon as you get your loan and do not spend it all in the first few weeks otherwise you won't be able to afford 25p Tesco noodles (because apparently all students live off noodles).

Cook dinner for your flatmates 
You're going to be living with them for almost a year! If you can cook make a Sunday Roast, they always go down a treat.

Homesickness is normal
Missing home? That's completely normal! Call your family: FaceTime, Skype. It will make you feel less homesick. But remember that you can always pop on a train to see them.

This will be during the first week of freshers and it is so important that you enrol! As soon as your enrol your student loan will come through a few days after and you get that most important student card.

Student discount
Always ask if there is student discount when you're out shopping!

Enjoy it
First year is way easier than second and third year so enjoy it. Take some time to get to know people, explore your new city and most of all have fun.

Always remember that everyone is in the same boat as you. Freshers will most likely be new to everyone and most students will feel homesick at some point. University is all about independence, learning valuable life lessons and having fun. Make it the best three years of your life! It was most certainly the best three years of mine.


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