What I'm Reading: Sali Hughes Pretty Honest - #BigBlogmasProject2014 Day Five

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I've never bought into the whole "beauty book" market as I much prefer watching YouTube videos or reading blogs, where I can probably get the same information. But recently I have been reading Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest and I am a total convert. Marketed as a "Straight-talking beauty companion" it most certainly is that! Sali cuts the crap and tells you everything you need to know about beauty in a informal humorous way. 

Not only do I love how honest Sali is I love how she relates to her life in a humorous way. If you're just getting into make-up or if you're a make-up veteran you are definitely going to enjoy this book.

As it is a light read it would make an excellent commuting to work book or even a lovely night-time read.

I definitely recommend picking this book up. It will not disappoint!
This is only a short review as I haven't finished the book yet (two thirds of the way through) I hope it is informative enough for you. 
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  1. Well you've sold this to me, I was pondering over the idea of picking this up but like you I wasn't too sure on the beauty book market I read the Bobbi Brown makeup manual which I did enjoy but I do like the sound of this it sounds like a good reference point for all thing's beauty xx