What To Pack For University | Freshers Series #1

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Starting University can be very daunting and I know when I first started I had no idea what to pack - so I just packed everything! Halls of residence rooms can be small so if you have a lot of possessions I recommend not taking everything. Today's post kicks off my freshers series where I will be sharing with you my experiences through my time at University (I still want to be a student, wah).

Most likely you will have a single bed and if you're not sure try and find out but bedding can add so much more personality into a room. Primark have some gorgeous bed sets at the moment at a student-friendly price! 

I listened to music a lot at Uni, wether it was in my room while I was writing essays or pre drinking for a night out. Speakers are a must, like these wireless speakers from Panasonic. 


Uni rooms are bland and boring, I found the best thing to fight home sickness was to make my room look as homely as possible. Photos of love ones and posters of bands/celebs/cars/ - whatever you like - can add to the homely feel of your room, just be careful with the Blu Tak.

This was one of the things I wish I packed more of. I much prefer hanging my clothes to folding them, as I most likely won't have to iron them (I am lazy, haha).
Extension Cables
Because there is no such thing as too many plug sockets!
Bottle Opener

Most students will be drinking alcohol, need I say more?!
Pack of Cards

Ring of fire is a classic pre-drinks game. Cards are an essential for drinking games or if you fancy playing solitaire...
Did you forget to pack any things before starting university? Share your essentials below!
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