The Sunday Edit #11

Hey lovelies, I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Sorry this is like the first Sunday Edit I've done in over a month - my life just seems so boring!

I have been revising, well trying to revise for most of the week as I have a few exams for University and an extra qualification for the NCTJ. I've officially finished University now as my last exam for my degree was on Friday! The exam was public affairs, so all about the government and councils, how exciting...Not. I really hope I've passed but the subject is so hard! I have four exams next week but they are all for the NCTJ, I have a production exam, public affairs, reporting and a media law resit, fingers crossed!

On Wednesday it was a lovely day and as I live by the sea in Sunderland me and my boyfriend decided on a trip to the beach! We got the University bus to our Uni campus and then walked by the river, passing the beautiful marina and all the way to the beach. It was a lovely day and a very lovely walk!

On Saturday the weather was also beautiful and my boyfriend needed to pick up his iPhone from the Apple store in Newcastle. Instead of going to Roker beach (where we went on Wednesday) we went to Tynemouth and the beach there is incredible! It was so beautiful, we had a lovely walk and had chips on the beach. As we were close to North Shields anyway we decided to get the ferry over to South Shields because it would be easier to then get the Metro to Pelaw and then to Sunderland (a whole lotta travelling). I've never been on a boat before and I was rather terrified! It only took a few minutes to cross the river but it was an experience none the less!

I've had a good week all in all and I can't wait for my exams to be over. This year is going so fast!

How has your week been?

Daniella x


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