Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil | Review

I'm pretty new to filling in my brows so I want it to be as easy as possible! I recently picked up Soap & Glory's Archery Brow Pencil after hearing many rave about it in the blogosphere. 

The pencil comes in two shades, Blondeshell (for blondes) and Hot Chocolate (for those with darker hair). I have blonde hair so I picked up Blondeshell.

Blondeshell is quite a neutral shade on me and doesn't make my brows look too warm. The dual-ended product has a spoolie on one side and the wax pencil on the other side.

The spoolie is the perfect size to brush my hairs through and I love that it is on the other end of the pencil as it makes it so easy and quick to fill in my brows.

The pencil is a very waxy pencil and can be hard to work with as you have to press down quite hard. Personally I like this as I find it is very rare that I go overboard and no-one wants slugs for brows!

I'm fairly new to brows but I prefer this pencil to any other that I have tried. It's a pity that it only comes in two shades but if you can find a match I definitely recommend checking it out. 

Have you tried Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil?
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  1. i really want to try this out, i've heard so many good things about it but i worry the darker shade might be too warm for me from various things i've heard - it looks really good though!

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  2. I haven't had a look at the darker shade. I would swatch the brow pencil you use already and then swatch that one next to it when you're at the drug-store. That might be a good way to compare. :) I love the formula so if you like the shade I definitely recommend it! :) x

  3. Blondeshell sounds like the shade for me haha :) I hate when brow products don't have a spoole either, its so much easier when its just there ready, rather than digging in my makeup bag. This sounds great xx

  4. I don't think either shade would suit me sadly but I love the soap and glory bits I've tried, especially their quads x

  5. I love these photos! also, I nominated you (& your blog) for the Liebster award because you're one of my top bloggers! Here is the link to my post! OR Elizabeth x