My Top Tips For All Bloggers - Beginners and Veterans

Over the past year and a half I have picked up a few tips and wish I knew some things as soon as I started. Today I will be sharing with you a few tips that you will hopefully help you, wether you're a newbie or an oldie.
1) Install Google Analytics! Bloggers stats are notoriously wrong as they capture every view - even bots. The sooner you install Google Analytics the better as you will have the most accurate stats. There are a few tutorials to help you install it - if like me, you are a tad confused.

2) Can't do something? Google it! Seriously, Google has been my best friend when it has come to the technical side of blogging. I always Google my queries and I always find an answer from a fellow blogger.

3) Social media! It's the most important thing. Make accounts for your blog; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever you can post your work the better! Be consistent on all platforms and always use your blog name. It will make it easier for readers to follow you.

4) Be consistent! Now I'm not saying blog every day, as we all know that isn't possible for some people. But when you do post be consistent, wether it be once a week or four times a week. Set a schedule and try and stick to it.

5) Scheduling! If you have the time - and motivation - try and write posts in bulk, one after another. This will allow you to stagger posts across days, weeks so if for some reason you can't post that day you will already have a blog post going up.

6) Don't compare yourself to anyone else, Rome wasn't built in a day! It can be easy to feel down about your blog, especially if you haven't got lots of followers. It all takes time and content is king. Every blogger is unique so don't get hung up about it, you're special and so is your blog.

7) Passion! If you have a passion for what you are writing about it will come through in your writing and feel more authentic to your readers.
There are a few of my top tips for all bloggers.

Have you got a tip that has helped you while blogging? 
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