Grounded Body Scrub, Chocolate Orange | Review

Coffee body scrubs are all the rage lately and I've been testing out Grounded's Body Scrub* in the scent Chocolate Orange, mmm!

First of all the scent is divine! The combination of chocolate orange and coffee smells good enough to eat! 

The packaging is super cute, it is waterproof so you can store it in the shower, just simply close it back up when you're not using it so it doesn't dry out.

The scrub contains Robusta coffee beans, himalayan rock salt and brown sugar to buff away dry skin, leaving your skin soft and nourished thanks to the vitamin E and cold pressed almond oil.

I use the scrub when I've popped some purple shampoo in my hair and I scrub away! It's an abrasive scrub that scrubs every inch of dead skin off, it'll be great for fake tanning too (but I'm pretty much Casper, so).

It does say to leave the scrub on for 10 minutes so it can do it's work but I 
normally leave it on for a couple of minutes and still see amazing results. 

One thing to be cautious of is the mess it can create, so I like to work in sections so I don't waste any product and get it everywhere.

As far as body scrubs go, this is by far the best one I have tried! I feel silky soft when stepping out the shower and it leaves you smelling amazing too.

At £15, it is at a higher price point for a scrub but a little definitely goes a long way!

Have you tried a coffee scrub before?
- Daniella
*PR Sample


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