Top Tips For Bleached/Silver Hair

As some of you may know, I jumped aboard the "granny" hair trend last November and my silver locks are still going strong. Bleaching your hair can be awfully damaging so here are my top tips for maintaining healthy hair.

Although I haven't had this treatment myself I hear so many great things! Olaplex is used whilst bleaching the hair to help protect the hair from damage. You can get an Olaplex treatment in a salon that stocks the brand and you get step three to take home and use as a treatment. It helps repair the bonds in your hair and it is something I'm definitely interested in trying!

Coconut Oil
If you are going silver at home (which I initially did too) coconut oil, - like Olaplex - will help protect the hair from damage. I tried this a few weeks ago when I re-bleached my whole head and it definitely helped lessen the damage!

Silver Shampoo
This is an essential step for me and it'll work for bleach blondes too. Silver shampoo is an intense dark purple shade, purple counteracts yellow so it'll take the brassy tones out of the hair. If you leave it on for 5-10 minutes on white hair it'll give a gorgeous silvery/lilac shade. Bleach London Silver Shampoo is my favourite!

Toner works the same as the silver shampoo, it'll give your hair intense nourishment and tone out the brassy parts. I love Jerome Russell's Silver Toner for this!

Hair Masks
Damage is part of the process when having bleached/silver hair so hair masks will become your best friend. The best masks are the ones you put on before you wash your hair. I love a coconut masks once every few weeks. Weekly I use Bleach London Reincarnation Mask, this stuff is incredible! 

Less heat
Obviously using less heat on your hair is going to help it! I need to take on this tip myself, my hair is always a mess when I wake up and I have to reach for the heat styling tools. Does anyone have any heat-free hairstyles that work?!

Cold water
Same again with heat, but instead of having a boiling hot shower try and have the water as cold as you can stand. If you can't, make sure you use cool water after conditioning your hair as it will seal the cuticles and lock moisture in.
So, there are my tips for bleached hair! If you have any tips please leave them in the comments as I would love for you to share.
- Daniella 

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