My Favourite TV Shows

I think we have all established by now that I'm a massive TV addict. So today I'm sharing with you my favourite shows that I can't wait to come back. Imagine watching these shows on a Panasonic 4k TV* too? It would be insane!
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 - October 21st

Can't believe that this will be the last season of TVD. I love vampires and the Salvatore brothers in particular so I'll be sad to see this show come to an end. I hope Elena is back too!

The Walking Dead Season 7 - October 23rd
TWD is such a great show and I can't wait for it to return, I need to know who Negan's victim was. I feel that this show just gets better.
A couple of my favourite shows have already made their comeback and I'm still obsessed with...

Scream Queens - Season 2

Scream Queens is like PLL, only the comedy-horror version! This season is set in Dean Munch's hospital and there's a new killer in town, who could it be? Also can we take a second to talk about how gorgeous every outfit is?! I love the Chanel's.

How to Get Away With Murder - Season 3

After an explosive last season the Keating 5 are back (yay)! A show that definitely gets better with every episode I definitely recommend giving it a go!
I'm also currently watching The Good Wife, Wentworth Prison, Made in Chelsea and of course, the best soap ever - Hollyoaks!
- Daniella
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