How to Maintain Luscious Locks All Year Round

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Today's post is all about hair care, from guest posters Keeva Organics!

In a perfect world, every day would be a good hair day, but for most women, this is not the case, particularly if you put your hair through the paces with chemical products like perms and dyes and styling tools such as hot wands and hair dryers. All of these products and processes can leave your hair looking less than lustrous. If you want to maintain the natural beauty of your locks, all year round, you need to understand how the seasons can affect your hair and treat it accordingly. This is an easy way to make your hair look and feel like a million dollars.

Hair Facts
  • There are, on average, 100,000 hair follicles on an adult’s head.
  • Throughout an average lifetime, each follicle will grow about twenty new hairs.
  • Every follicle goes through cycles of rest and growth at different times.
  • The length of the hair life cycle varies from individual to individual.
  • Hair grows at an average rate of about 1 centimeter per month.
  • The process of growing and losing hair is precisely controlled for each individual hair follicle.
  • As they age, some hair your follicles will lose their ability to produce hair. This decline is more obvious on top of the scalp and leads to common baldness in men.
  • During pregnancy hair condition and growth may change due to a high content of estrogen in the blood.
Hair During Spring
When the weather changes it can affect how hair grows as well as its appearance. Spring is a time of year when many women experience some hair loss, which is quite normal. At this time of year, not only is nature waking up to a new cycle of life, so is the human body. Hair loss at this time of year may also be due to blocked pores in the scalp, which prevent normal hair growth. This can be caused by perspiration due to rising temperatures. If the root becomes blocked, the hair often detaches. Sudden exposure to sun and rain can also increase hair loss in spring, causing it to look thin and unhealthy. It’s a good idea to begin the spring cycle with a deep conditioning routine.  
Keeva Organics’ Deep Conditioning 5-in-1 Hair Mask is the perfect way to strengthen hair in spring. Comprised of a mélange of natural ingredients including keratin, tea tree oil, avocado, argan oil and coconut oil, this conditioner provides immediate results. Unlike many similar products on the market, this hair mask contains no toxic parabens or sulfates. It is made from 100 percent natural, organic ingredients. One of the most potent of these is argan oil, which is extracted from the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree. Rich in vitamin E, argan is great for hydrating and smoothing damaged hair, giving it a smooth, revitalized appearance that will last through the spring and summer.

Hair During Summer Time
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In the summertime, weeks of exposure to the sun, chlorine and humidity can take a toll on hair. An affordable and easy solution to dry, damaged and frizzy hair is Keeva’s Sulfate Free Shampoo. Most ordinary shampoos on the market have a high sulfate content. Sulfates are bad for hair because:
  • They can irritate the scalp, skin and eyes
  • They can damage hair over long-term
  • They may cause swelling of eyes, face, hands and arms
    Keeva has replaced sulfates and other harmful chemicals with 100 percent natural ingredients including glycerin, which prevents hair from breaking, argan oil, which hydrates hair, coco butter, which improves hair’s elasticity, and comfrey extract, which stimulates growth of new skin cells on the scalp.

    Hair During the Fall
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    Autumn is another season when natural hair loss occurs, because the body is preparing for winter. According to Swedish researchers, fall is the time of year when women lose most hair. This is largely due to hormonal variations in the hair bulb. There is no reason for concern as this will  only last for about a month or two. To help prepare hair for fall hair loss and to keep it strong during this period, Keeva has created a Deep Organic Conditioner.
    The potent blend of organic ingredients in this conditioner is designed to invigorate and revitalize hair to keep locks looking luscious. Vitamin E rich argan oil and antibacterial tee tree oil will keep hair soft and strong and clean the pores in the scalp, preventing oily clogs and detached hair: healing, cleansing and strengthening all in one.  

    Hair During Winter
    Credit: Pixabay - Jorisa Monen
    Part of keeping hair looking beautiful during winter means wearing a hat outside when it’s cold to protect the scalp and hair roots from severe temperatures. Keeva’s shampoo and conditioner will keep tresses shining through the winter season and help prevent them from breaking when being brushed or combed. Colder climes can often cause a dry scalp and flaky skin. Dandruff can be a real pain, especially with dark hair or dark clothes. But it won’t be a problem because Keeva’s shampoo contains natural cocoa butter, zinc pyrithione and European acacia seed extract which moisturize the scalp to prevent itchy, flaky skin and dandruff.
    For the best in organic hair care products at affordable prices, check out Keeva Organics. Their whole range of personal care products is made from natural ingredients that have not been tested on animals. It you use their shampoo and conditioners for 60 days and are not completely satisfied, they will give you a 100 percent money back guarantee.  

    *Thanks to Keeva Organics for sponsoring and providing this content


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