Maybelline Baby Skin

Hello lovelies, sorry this blogpost is late, I’ve been busy with Uni revising for exams but phew, they’re over for now!

So today I’m reviewing Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser and I must admit I was quite excited to try this as its arrival was hugely anticipated here in the UK. At first when I went to buy this it was out of stock in both Superdrug and Boots but the day after it was finally in stock and I couldn’t wait to buy it!

First off let’s start with the packaging. It’s a super cute tube with pink writing and a green background, the colours work well together and it looks appealing to the eye. I like that Maybelline have chosen to put this product in a tube because it’s easy to squirt it out and not a lot of product comes out at once so you never use too much.

Maybelline's Baby Skin Primer

Maybelline state that: “Pores appear instantly erased for smooth-looking skin”. I agree with this mostly but I was expecting for my pores to be gone completely and they are at most so that’s a plus. The best part of this product is definitely the formula. It’s a clear gel that adds no colour to the skin and can be applied in layers to minimize your pores almost completely. The gel glides over the skin blocking up the pores so no foundation can sink into it, it does give you baby smooth skin and it does make my foundation last all day.
I definitely recommend this product as it is really good and it’s only £7/8 so if you don’t want to splurge out on the Benefit’s Porefessional then this one is definitely worth a try! I'm contemplating buying Benefit’s porefessional as I haven’t tried any Benefit cosmetics.

Gel formula

Do you recommend Porefessional or any other primers?



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