MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Hello lovelies. Sorry there hasn't been a blog post in a while but I've been super busy doing Uni work and revising for exams. But over the next few days I plan to blog mostly every day.

So a few weeks ago my lovely boyfriend bought me the Studio Fix Foundation from MAC, it is the first high-end product I've tried and I love love love it! It's the best foundation I've ever used and I have tried quite a few!

This foundation gives an all-day flawless finish, it lasts all day and it covers up uneven skin tone, blemishes and redness. It glides over dry patches and keeps the oil at bay so it's pretty perfect for my combination skin. I recommend it for any skin type as it is so so good!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

It's priced at £21.50 and I know that is expensive for a foundation but the quality and lasting power is amazing. It is definitely worth every penny.

The most amazing thing is the shades of the foundation, there are so many shades to choose from! From light to dark and anything in between, so you're going to find the perfect shade for you. As I'm super pale I expected their lightest shade to be too dark for me but it's a perfect match! I got NW10 which stands for "not warm" so it's for cooler tones like pink and NC is "not cool" so it's for warmer tones like yellow. I believe that MAC do their shades backwards with the "not cool" and "not warm" but if you're confused you can go and ask the lovely women of MAC and they will help you find the perfect foundation for yourself.

NW 10

As you can see it's a lovely light shade

The only negative that I have for this foundation is the fact that it doesn't come with a pump, but the pumps can be purchased for an extra £4 (which is a bit expensive, but you only need to get a pimp once) but if you were good at measuring your foundation out there wouldn't be a need to buy one.

I only use my MAC foundation on the days I have a few more breakouts than usual and on special occasions as I don't want it to run out so soon. I'll definitely be purchasing this again though, or maybe try another foundation from the MAC range.

What's your favourite foundation?


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  1. This is what I use too & love using it xx