Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

After seeing these brushes all over Instagram and my favourite celebs (Mille Mackintosh, she's perfect) use these brushes I wanted to try them. For applying make-up I'd just use my fingers or a cheap brush from Amazon or Wilkinsons but from hearing so many good things about the Real Techniques brushes I decided to buy them and try them for myself.

They are amazing and so so so soft! They're my prize possession at the moment, I didn't know how important good brushes were to give you that flawless pixel perfect look.

The Real Techniques Core collection brushes are a set of four. A contour brush, a foundation brush, a buffing brush and detailer brush. I got my brushes from Amazon for £15.74, this was the cheapest place that I could find them and they're worth every penny.

The contour brush is used for contouring with highlighter but I use mine to apply my blusher as it's perfect for that too. I use my detailer brush for applying concealer on my imperfections and under my eyes but it can also be used as a lipstick brush. The buffing brush is my favourite brush as it applies powder perfectly as you work it in to the skin so it doesn't sit in fine lines. I also use it to buff my blusher in after I've applied it as it gives a more natural look. Lastly, the foundation brush can be used to build coverage but it's my least favourite as I feel that it isn't big enough to be a foundation brush.

Not only are the brushes amazing they come with a case that's perfect to take on the move and it even stands up so you can display them.

In a few days (when I get my student loan) I'm going to buy the expert face brush as it's great for applying liquid foundation to create a flawless base. If you haven't already got these brushes you should definitely invest!

What's your favourite real techniques brush?


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