Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb: Review & Demo

Hello lovelies. Whilst my boyfriend was in Amsterdam with his family he picked up some treats for me in the form of a Lush Golden Egg bath bomb and a YSL lippie. Yeah just a really expensive lipstick, nothing too great (omg can we just take a second...) so you can imagine how excited I was when I opened that! But we will leave that for another post.

Golden Egg
The Golden Egg Bath Bomb is part of the Easter range from Lush, it's a big glittery egg and it smells delicious. It's a bath melt on the outside and the actual bath bomb is in the middle. So it's two products rolled into one! With orange oil, cocoa butter, olive oil and bergamot oil this product is designed to leave your skin smelling fresh, soft and moisturised


As the Golden Egg is very very glittery it can get a bit messy so I wouldn't play around with it before you put it in the bath as you'll get glitter everywhere! If you hate glitter I advise that you stay away from this because it's a whole lot of glitter...

Golden Egg cut in half
I cut mine up in half because I didn't want to use it all at once. I popped it into the bath and glitter immersed the water straight away. The glitter melted off into the bath first and the bath bomb then went to fizz on and create bubbles. This isn't like other bath bombs as it stays around for quite some time, which I find great because it turns the bath into a gorgeous gold colour. The pictures don't show off the true colour, it's much more vibrant.

I was in the bath for well over half an hour and the colour didn't fade at all, the glitter was still so shiny even when I got out. I'm sitting here just smelling myself because it smells so good! The scent is so sweet with a mixture of toffee and honey. My skin feels so nourished and soft and I'm glittery! Now it isn't too much so don't be put off but I love the glitter.

I can't wait to use my other half another day!

What have you tried from Lush's Easter collection?
Daniella x

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