LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar: REVIEW


If you read last weeks haul you would have seen this wonderful product from Lush. Whilst I was at home for Easter I took full advantage of having a bath. This may sound a bit weird to you, but in our student house we don't have a bath and I loooove taking a bath!

When me and my boyfriend were browsing in Lush I wanted something that was going to last me a few baths, as I enjoy relaxing in them and I didn't want what I bought to be a total waste of money. So I picked up The Comforter. To be honest with you I had no idea how to use bubble bars when I bought it. The Comforter smelt good and it was quite large at 200g so I thought to myself "Yep, that'll do!" When I got home I Googled how other people were using it so I could have it in my bath that night.

I cut the bubble bar up into five pieces and I got five baths of pink blackcurrant goodness! With a range of oils and the gorgeous scent of blackcurrant The Comforter leaves your skin soft and smelling like a dream. I found that what worked best for me was holding the bubble bar in my hand and using the shower head (we have a overhead shower in our bath) and then blasting it after I had run enough warm water for my bath. This seemed to create the most bubbles and it was quite quick to do.

I usually stay in the bath for well over half an hour and the bubbles lasted and so did the pink. I loved having the pink bubbly bath. I much prefer bubble bars instead of bath bombs now. I feel that they lack bubbles! The Comforter retails for £4.50 and I got five baths with it so I'm really impressed. I definitely would purchase it again.

Have you tried The Comforter? What bubble bar from Lush is your favourite?

Daniella x


  1. I've wanted to try this for ages! I like the ickle baby bot bath bomg at the moment as its very relaxing but you only get one bath with it!
    Sian |

  2. This is my favourite bubble bar, I used a little bit at a time and it lasts forever, a little bit is all you need x