Affordable Drugstore Haul

Hello lovelies and happy Easter! I hope you're all having a good bank holiday and eating lots of chocolate, I certainly am... Oooops. For Easter my grandparents kindly gave me £40 and instead of saving it I spent it on clothes and make-up yesterday...

I first went to Superdrug where I picked up this gorgeous NYC pallet for only £2.99. After hearing Lily Pebbles rave about an NYC pallet I had to try one for myself. Then I went onto Boots and spent the £4 on my Boots card, as it's three for two at the moment I picked up a Natural Collection lipstick, a black eyeliner and a gorgeous peach blush. Finally I went to Wilkinsons to pick up some toiletries and I also picked up some make-up, surprise surprise... I picked up a Collection 2000 Creme Puff Lip Cream and a their 6-hour wear lip gloss, I'm not sure if it does last that long but it tastes amazing. Anyway... On my shopping trip I also picked up two skirts and a top and by no surprisef a bubble bar from Lush may have made its way into my bag... (I have a slight obsession) The bubble bar I picked up was the Comforter, I'll be doing a review of this next week so stay tuned for that!

Have you picked up any bits lately?

Daniella x


  1. Ooh, lovely haul! You got some great makeup bits and Natural Collection is an awesome brand for the price. I think you managed to make your money stretch quite a long way here as you got a lot for your money plus two skirts & a top as well! Amazing!! :-)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  2. I really want to try the creme puff lip cream. I like this post :) x

  3. I love the comforter bubble bar, it lasts for what seems like forever and smells amazing x