Freshly Pressed Beauty Q&A! #2

Hey lovelies, today I will be sharing a questions and answers post with you. I asked on Instagram for some questions and I received quite a few. So thank you to everyone that asked me a question and lets get in to it. :)

@katie_says_wot asked: What's your favourite thing about blogging? And what do you study at university? 
My favourite thing about blogging is writing about the products. None of my friends are into beauty as much as I am so it's nice having someone to share my passion with. I also love getting comments on posts too. As for university I study Magazine Journalism and September 22, I will be going into my third and final year.

@rmck_beauty asked: All time favourite foundation? What is your dream career?
My all time favourite foundation has to be Revlon Colourstay, I am so obsessed with that foundation. My dream career would be working for Glamour magazine in the beauty department, writing articles.

@cherryblossom_beauty asked: What are your three best tips to new bloggers? @megsays_ also asked: What would be your advice for new bloggers?
Make sure you are passionate about what you are writing about, with passion comes flow and it is easy to create content if you are passionate. Tip number two would be to always capitalise I's. It seems really petty but it's my biggest blogging peeve, if you like writing then please write properly. My last tip would be to take clear clean photographs. You don't need a fancy camera for this either. 

@_lovemakeupbeauty asked: If all the make-up brands were closing down and you had the chance to save one, who would it be and why?
It has to be MAC. They have everything you could ever dream of and more and I would be pretty upset it MAC wasn't available anymore.

@_caffe1ne_ asked: What are your top three concealers?
 My three favourites are Collection Lasting Perfection, MAC's Studio Fix and MAC's Pro Long Wear. Collection's is a dupe for Pro Long Wear.

@alyssa_lol_xx asked: What are your favourite MAC products?
My favourites are their mineralize blush in Dainty, Please Me lipstick and Pro Long Wear concealer. I really want to try their eye shadows as everyone loves them.

@mybeautyconfessional asked: If you could only wear one lipstick shade for the rest of your life what would it be?
Definitely MAC's Please Me. It's a gorgeous mid-tone pink and works great as an everyday nude for my skin tone. It looks great with a smokey eye as well as a toned down look.

@twittwowoo asked: What is your absolute favourite product? @beautybyjade07 also asked: Favourite make-up item of all time?
Nars Sheer Glow foundation. It's an amazing foundation but I don't use it on a daily basis because it is quite pricey. It makes my skin look great and feels luxurious. 

@d_beauty_liv asked: Who is your biggest supporter when it comes to blogging?
Definitely my boyfriend Michael, he always tells me how proud he is of me for creating my blog and the following I have on Instagram etc. He says I'm inspiring and it makes me feel so much better if I'm having a bad day with my blog. 

@perksofpastelpink asked: What tips would you give to someone who is starting their own fashion and beauty blog?
Like I've mentioned before passion is the biggest tip I can give anyone. Make sure you are blogging for the passion and not to get free things. If you are blogging about fashion I like seeing the clothes on the blogger as I think it's a great way to get a feel for the clothes. Another tip is to comment on other peoples blogs and leave a link to your blog. They will most likely share the love back.

@helloitsteagan asks: What's your skincare routine?
I actually have a post on this which you can find here. I do love double cleansing though, I like to make sure my make-up is well and truly off.

@aclotheslook asked: How do you organise your time?
I'm not the most organised person ever... I like to write posts up on the day of publishing them, I do have a list of what blog posts to write though. I really need to get more organised and start scheduling posts because I always want my content to be good.

@anisa361 asked: How do you use the Magnitone Lucid face brush?
You just wet the brush and either stick your cleanser on the brush or onto your face, press the button and gently move it around on your face. I have a full review of the Magnitone Lucid here if you are interested in reading.

@helloitsteagan asked: What are your three go to items?
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Revlon Colourstay and MAC's Dainty blush.

@alinaxbizzle asked: Do you have a favourite website to buy your cosmetics?
I actually don't, I always prefer to go to a store and swatch it before I buy.

@shanaesbeauty asked: When did you first really start getting into make-up?
I've worn make-up since I was around 15/16 only at the start of this year (2014) did I develop a passion for it. I loved putting it on, reading about it, buying new products and writing about it. Then Freshly Pressed Beauty was born. :)

@lipstickandlinguine asked: Most luxurious product?
When my boyfriend went to Amsterdam he bought me a YSL lipstick back. The packaging is so luxurious and the product inside. I think I'm going to treasure it forever.

@aboutellajane asked: Favourite drug-store product?
It has to be Revlon Colourstay foundation, I know I have spoke about it a lot but it is truly fabulous.

@margaretelizabeth143 asked: What's the number one product that you don't have yet, but would love to try?
OOooh so many to choose from! I really want to try the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. They look beautiful and are apparently really good.

Thanks to everyone that asked me questions, I had a lot of fun going through my thoughts and answering these questions. If you want to follow me on Instagram my username is @freshlypressedbeauty.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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  1. Yes totally agree with the capital I's thing!! Love your blog x

  2. Great Q&A session. Interesting answers, going to have to try Revlon Colourstay Foundation now xxx