New Additions: Skincare

Hi girls, today I will be sharing with you my latest skincare additions. I feel like these products have made a big difference to my skin over the past few weeks I have been using them.

The two toners that I've been using are Garnier's Softening Toner (evening toner) and Garnier's Refining Toner (morning toner). First of all these products snell amaaazing! Despite them being slightly perfumed they don't upset my skin at all. I use the softening toner at night because I want to give my skin as much moisture as I can. Then in the morning I use the refining toner as I like my skin to look matte. They both do exactly what they say on the tube and I will definitely be repurchasing them.

Nivea's Sensitive moisturisers are the best I've ever tried. With acne-prone skin my face can be very red sometimes and I don't want to cause more breakouts. The day cream is a lighter cream but it moisturises my skin deeply and makes a great base for make-up. The night cream is my favourite, it's so rich and it sinks into the skin beautifully leaving my skin super soft. I have noticed that prolonged use of these two moisturisers has made my less red, which is great! 

Lastly is Nivea's Double Effect Eye Remover I find that this does a great job at removing all of my eye make-up and it doesn't sting my eyes, hoorah! It really does a great job.

I think I've found my skincare savours, along with Clean & Clear's Advantage Spot Control daily face wash.

What are your skincare staples?

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  1. I really need to get into skincare properly, I'm awful at it! xxx

    Ami | perksofbeingami

    1. Once you do, you will probably never be able to go without it haha. It makes a huge difference. :) xx

  2. I love the nivea skincare range and use the sensitive skin products myself to and they really have made a difference and completely agree with the eye make-up remover.


  3. I bought the Nivea bi-phase makeup remover a while but and I just can't get to grips with it. I really love the way it takes off all of my makeup, but once you shake it, it settles really quickly! Is it like this for you too?


  4. I use the softening toner and it's honestly amazing! It's the first toner I've used in a long time that doesn't leave my skin feeling horribly dry funnily enough! Need to try some of the other range :) Great post!