The MAC tag? I'm so surprised I haven't come across this sooner. Everyone that blogs about beauty seems to be obsessed with MAC and for good reason too! I don't own a huge stash of MAC goodies as I'm on a student budget but I do love the brand. I hope you enjoy this tag and if you do it please leave a link below so I can a have read. :)

How long have you been using Mac?
Only since Christmas last year (2013).

What was your first Mac Product?
Michael (my boyfriend) bought me Studio Fix Foundation and I still have it now... It is kinda finished though but I can't bare to part with it. 

What is your Favourite Mac product?
Their matte lipstick in Please Me. It's such a gorgeous mid-tone pink.

Whats your least favourite Mac Product?
Studio Sculpt foundation, I had a sample in the shade NW15 and it oxidised soooo much!

Do you own a pro card?

Your Mac foundation shade?
I'm NW10.

Your Favourite Mac Foundation:
I've only tried Studio Fix so I'll have to go with that one.

I haven't tried any yet but I have my eye on a few!

Please Me.

I don't own any. I think they're way too expensive and Rimmel/MUA have some great ones.

I don't own any but I really want the famous 217.

Nail Lacquer
I haven't used any.

Pro Products
I haven't tried any.

Comment on the following Mac product, have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep and Prime Skin
I had a sample and I didn't see much of a difference.

Studio Sculpt Foundation
Hate it.

Face and Body Foundation
I'm not fussed about trying it as I'm a full-coverage kinda gal.

Mineralize satin Finish
Never tried it.

Studio Fix Fluid
Loooove it! Definitely need to repurchase it.

Studio Fix Powder
I really want to try it, it looks great.

Beauty Powder
Never tried it and I don't think I will.

Mineralize skin finish Natural
I really want to try this as well.

Mineralize skin finish
I really need to get Soft & Gentle.

Bronzing Powder
I haven't tried any. I'm not really a bronzer lover.

Powder Blush
I have the shade Dainty and it's a gorgeous Sheer deep bright pink.

Blush Creme
Never tried them.

Mineralize Blush
I have the shade Dainty and it's my favourite blusher. It adds a gorgeous pink flush to the cheeks. I love it!

Cream Colour Base
Haven't tried any. I've heard they're sticky?

Studio Sculpt Concealer
Never tried it.

Select Cover up concealer 
Never tried it.

Studio Finish Concealer
I love it. It has a full-coverage finish. I have a shade a tad too dark for my face but under the eyes it works well.

Tinted lip conditioner
Never tried them.

Looooove lipsticks. They're my favourite. I need more!

Not a lipgloss person.

False Lashes
I don't use lashes.

What has been your favourite Mac Collection to date?
I'm not really one to rush and by from collections.

Which of the Mac Collections have you found disappointing?
See previous question.

What products do you think MAC are missing?
Nothing, their range is fab!
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