Magnitone Lucid Review

When I was contacted by Magnitone to be on their review panel I jumped at the chance! I haven't tried any face brushes before so I was very intrigued.
The Magnitone Lucid* is the cheaper, smaller version of the Magnitone Pulsar and even cheaper than the Clarisonic offerings.

The Lucid is available in four colours: light green, blue, white and pink. Of course being the typical girl I am I picked the pink one and it's so gorgeous! 

What Magnitone say: 
NEW Magnitone Lucid is the easy-to-use complexion-boosting tool that no beauty-conscious traveller should leave home without.
Available in four funky seasonal fashion colours, Magnitone Lucid works with your regular cleanser to deep clean, exfoliate and breathe new life into skin.
Small enough to slip into your holiday washbag, it comes equipped with the exclusive Magnitone Active Clean brush head, a choice of two skin settings, a daily facial cleansing timer, plus a handy wireless travel charger.
Fully waterproof and more gentle on skin than your hands, Magnitone Lucid can be used on even the most sensitive skin and promises complexion-boosting results in seven days.

No additional products are needed when using this product. You just stick to your normal cleanser and you're all good to go! The brush has two settings; deep clean and sensitive. I've been using deep clean as it still is really gentle on the skin, but if you do have sensitive skin start of by using the sensitive skin mode at first.

What I really love about this product is that it automatically turns off after one minute of use. It also beeps after 20 minutes of use to notify you to move on to the next part of your face. Not only does it do that it is completely waterproof! I like to wash my face in the shower in the morning and I love that I can use the brush in the shower.

One charge with the Magnitone Lucid gives you up to two weeks of charge, I've had mine for over two weeks and it's still going. It's so handy for travel because of that and its small size.

Has it worked?

I do suffer from mild/moderate acne at the moment and it hasn't magically cleared up my skin up completely but it doesn't claim to do that so I'm not angry at the claims. My skin has been a lot better and I seem to be breaking out less around my cheeks, which is great. My skin does look a lot cleaner and my blackheads have drastically reduced. I also suffer from dry skin and this product buffs the skin away gently and effectively.

I can't imagine going back to using my hands after using this product. It deeply cleans the skin making it clean and smooth for make-up.

It retails for £69.99 but Look Fantastic have it on offer for £49.99 here.

Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid? Will you be picking it up?
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  1. I want one of these they sound amazing I use a facial exfoiliating brush but would be brilliant to use an electric one
    Carrieanne xx

    1. Oh right. :) Yeah it's so much easier and it does a great job. :D x

  2. I used to really want to try the clarasonic but its super pricey! This sounds amazing!
    xprincessjas | x

  3. The only thing that puts me off the clarasonic is the price this looks like a great, affordable alternative! Will have to check it out! :) x