Benefit's Porefessional VS Maybelline's Baby Skin

Sorry there wasn't a post on Wednesday I've been busy learning shorthand at Uni (it's so hard o m g) so here's a post now to make up for it.

I bought Benefit's Porefessional the other week and instead of reviewing it by itself I'll compare it to Maybelline's Baby Skin (you can read that review here).

Packaging of both products

So lets start off with the visuals of the products. They both have lovely packaging, I love the shiny packaging of the Maybelline's Baby Skin because it goes perfect with the name and the colour scheme is lovely. But I also love the packaging of Porefessional, it's matte but it comes in such a pretty box with a flyer of how to use Porefessional, which for the price I kind of expected all of this luxury.

Now if you're new to make-up and you're unsure of what I'm rambling on about... I'm writing about two of the most talked about primers in the beauty world! Maybelline Baby Skin is drug-store and it retails for around £7.99 and Benefit Porefessional is high-end and costs £24.50.

Baby Skin                                                  Porefessional 

When comparing the formula's of both products they are different. Baby Skin is a clear silicone gel and Porefessional is more of a translucent balm. They both do the job of concealing pores but as expected Porefessional performs better, and as a high-end product I expected it to. Although it does work better Baby Skin makes your skin so so so soft which definitely gives it a standing chance when both. With Baby Skin I like to wait a few minutes before I put my foundation on as it can slide off but with Porefessional you can apply it near enough straight away.

Baby Skin                                              Porefessional 

Benefit's Porefessional is my favourite out of these two products as it does work better for me, but if you cannot afford it (because it is quite expensive) definitely try Baby Skin because it is good and at £7.99 it's a lot cheaper.

What's your favourite primer?




  1. I've not tried the Porefessional but I desperately want to! For the time being I love Baby Skin!

  2. i agree, porefessional is better quality but the maybelline baby skin isn't that bad at all! great review doll! xx

  3. I was going to buy porefessional today but decided to wait a bit as I still have a few samples to work my way through. I haven't yet tried baby skin but I want to try it out and see if I like it x


  4. The seventeen stay time one is really good, there are foundations that I've tried with porefessional and only lasted a couple of hours! With the stay time they last all day!!

  5. I think Baby pores is good for its price especially, but porefessional is an amazing product too