The Sunday Edit #1

I thought I would add something different to my blog so I'm bringing you the weekly Sunday edit. I love reading these posts as they give the blogs week run-down in posts as well as a snippet into the bloggers life. I'm not the most interesting person you'll meet but by doing these posts you will get to know a bit more about me.

I was lacking on the posts this week but I'll try my best to post every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday - Colour Riche Privee Lipstick/My Student Style first published article
Saturday - January Favourites

So at the beginning of the week I started semester two of my second year at University. There's only 12/13 weeks left and it's flying by way too fast for my liking. My week wasn't that busy as we were starting new modules so it's basically an introduction to these modules and simple tasks in workshops.

I somehow managed to pull the muscle in my neck/shoulder so I wasn't able to do many things, which resulted in missing a day at Uni to go to A&E as I didn't know (at the time) what was wrong. The pain has nearly gone completely so when it does I'll be back to normal, going to Uni everyday and blogging frequently.

The only beauty product I bought this week was Benefit's Porefessional, which also came with an eye cream and a brightening primer.

I've been on a spending ban as I can't afford to keep buying make-up, much to my disappointment as make-up is my favourite thing as I'm sure you've guessed by now! I need a proper part-time job to fund my beauty buys but I haven't got any free time. I work at Sunderland AFC football ground nearly every time they have a home game but the money only covers the food I buy.

So that's my first Sunday Edit, I hope you enjoyed it. :)

What did you do this week?



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  1. Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other by Bloglovin? let me know...
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. I feel you, I am a student too and although it might be very tempting to buy a lot of makeup sometimes I can't afford them :(