Today I have for you another haul post. This would have been posted last week but the parcel was too big to go through the letterbox (boo).

ELF had a deal on (not sure if it's still on) that if you spent £30 or more you would your order for half price plus free delivery. I have some ELF products already and I love them! ELF has great quality products at purse friendly prices, so whatever budge you are on you can definitely afford ELF's quality make-up.

Bronzing brush///Fan brush///Healthy Glow bronzer - Warm Tan///Eye enhancing shadow - blue eyes/// Blusher - Tickled Pink///Blush and bronzing contour pallet (looks similar to Nars, possible dupe?!)

Nail polish - Party Purple///Lipsticks - Fearless (red) Seductive (pink///Shimmer eye liner pencil - Black Bandit/// Lip liner - Natural Blusher///Jumbo lip gloss stick - Tiki Torches

Pigment eyeshadows left to right - Smoke///Naughty Noir///Breezy Blue///Nude

I got all of this for £16 delivered! I can't wait to try everything, expect swatches and reviews in the future. :)

Do you have any ELF products? Would you want to purchase any? Let me know. 




  1. Can't believe you got all that for £16! Such a good deal!


    Sophie xx

  2. I really want to try out elf products! These were such bargains x


  3. Woow nice haul indeed ! I had heard of great things about e.l.f and saw many bloggers show them in their blogs, but I hadn't ordered anything (just admiring all the goodies and the affordable prices, but this was before buying any cosmetics overseas) so I was so happy to find a little shop in Riga (when visited last summer) that was selling them and other brand called NYX. It's quite important to have a possibility to test products so this was great for me. Also the prices were about the same as on the site so me and my friend shopped there a lot - twice during the holiday actually :D It was really random find, since the shop was located in the "suburbs" and I think it was the only store that sold anything beauty or fashion related (other places were restaurants or bakeries etc. and people's homes). Later I thought it would be fun to visit their site again, and what a lucky day: I had my first order also with 50% discount ! ^^

    Can't wait to see your posts about these beauties! xx

    Indie by heart

  4. Hey Daniella,
    I've never heard of ELF till seeing your post, but I think my debit card will be having a good relationship with them soon!
    Your blog is fabulously put together, so well in fact that i'd like to nominate you for a Liebster award :)
    If you have a gander over on my blog at http://pugginawesome.blogspot.co.uk/ it'll explain what to do!
    Looking forward to reading more from you!
    Carlie xx

  5. This stuff looks great! Looks like ELF has got new products since I last checked out their stuff :) xx


  6. Hi lovely I found you through Carlie and I love your blog already aswell. I have spent almost all day reading your posts! I nomianted you for the Liebester Award too here: http://justaddalittlelovely.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/and-award-goes-to.html
    :) xx Bethany