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A few days ago on Instagram I asked you lovelies if you would like to ask me questions for my blog, the questions could be about anything from personal to beauty related questions. I got a quite few questions which I'm overwhelmed by because I didn't know if anyone would like to ask me a question (aha). So here it goes! I will include everyone's Instagram names so you can check them out if you wish. :)

@hey_its_lisey_xx asked: What is your favourite shop?

I don't do much clothes shopping anymore but my favourite has to be Primark. Everything is cheap and they have some gorgeous clothes!

@rachelholleyxo asked: If you could only ever shop in one shop for clothes and one for make-up ever again where would they be?

Again I think it would have to be Primark, they have everything that I want and it's at a good price. For make-up it would have to be Boots, they have designer brands as well as drugstore and I couldn't go without drugstore make-up!

@lunaslens asked: High-end or drugstore and why?

Mmm, definitely drugstore! I can buy everything I need there at a good price and they always have amazing dupes for high-end products.

@rachelholleyxo If all your make-up disappeared and you could only spend £50 on new make-up what bits would you buy?

I would buy L'oreal Infallible 24hr foundation (£9.99), Rimmel Glam Eyes eyeliner (£5.29) Sleek Face Pallete (£9.99) MUA Heaven & Earth pallet (£4), Rimmel Scandeleyes Mascara (£6.99) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (£3.99) and Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110 (£4.99). That was hard!

@asdfghjklemma13 asked: If all your make-up got taken away what five things would you repurchase? @faith280801 asked a similar question that can also be answered with this answer below.

I would definitely repurchase a foundation (MAC's Studio Fix), concealer (MAC's Studio Finish), mascara( Rimmel Scandeleyes, Extreme black), eyeliner (Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid eyeliner) and lipstick (L'oreal Privee, Julliane's nude) so I could have a full face of make-up.

@thesparklylaura What was your first make-up purchase or the first make-up brand you started using?

I can't quite remember the first make-up brand I purchased but I'm pretty sure the first make-up brand I tried was AVON. My mum used to be an Avon lady and I'd always ask her to get me things from the brochure.

@taras_smile Your holy grail product? If you could only use one thing?

If I could only use one thing it would be so so horrible! But if I had to choose I would go for a foundation, MAC's Studio Fix Fluid. This foundation is my go-to foundation at the moment and I adore it.

@franziskahagn asked: Is there one beauty product you can't live without? @faith280801 asked another similar question which can be answered in the answer below and so did @beccabeioley.

Similar to the last question it would have to be foundation, my skin is awful and I feel more confident when I hide it. My skin has scarring from my teenage years and it's very prone to spots. :(

@stars_in_my_dreams asked: What's your favourite account on Instagram with the same theme as yours?

I love @daniellekimberleyxo @ashleighbeauty @porcelainbeautyx @absbembo. These are all accounts that largely post make-up, all of their accounts are gorgeous!

@musicalhouses and @fayeparkerxo asked: How do you take your photos? What set up do you use?

I either take them on my iPhone 4s or my boyfriends iPhone 5. I take a white jumper and rest it on a box on my desk, it sounds so silly! At the moment I'm in a shared student house with my friends so I can't take great pictures as the furniture is not what I want it to be. But next year I'll be living with my boyfriend so I can by the furniture I want.

@perksofbeingjo_x asked: Do a fact file?

Height: 5/6 or 5/7, I'm not entirely sure
Weight: I'm not comfortable saying but I'm a size 12/14
Age: 20
Hair colour: blonde (never dyed)
Eye colour: blue
Star sign: Sagittarius

@sadhbh__ asked: Feb faves?

Keep your eyes peeled for a post on Sat of my Feb favourites. :)

@faith280801 asked: What effects do you use on your photo's?

I don't use any. I mainly turn the brightness, contrast and saturation up to get the desired effect.

@wanderlust_abi asked: What's your favourite drugstore brand?

I have a few but if I had to choose one it would probably be L'oreal. I love their lipsticks and their BB powder.

@alyssamariebeauty How do you get your pictures to look the way they do?

I put them into an order of what looks the nicest then I make sure the sun is shining and take a picture. I don't do anything special to them mind!

@fairy_lightsxo What is your favourite high-end brand and why?

It would have to be MAC, I adore their products. For the price you pay you get amazing quality, that's why I love MAC.

@samyrowlinsonxo asked: What is your favourite Naked pallet?

I unfortunately do not own a Naked pallet, yet! But out of the three, judging by photos I'm gonna go with Naked 3. It has so many gorgeous warm pinks and I think they would suit my skin tone more.

@rotem_4 asked: Which product for lips is your favourite?

I'm not completely sure what you mean lovely. But I prefer lipstick to lipgloss and my go-to lipstick at the moment is MAC's Speak Louder.

Thank you all so much for asking me questions. I hope you found a little bit more about me and what I enjoy. Please comment below if you enjoyed my answers and leave a little bit about you too. :)


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