Mini MAC Haul

On Monday I went to Newcastle with my boyfriend Michael to go to a MAC counter as we don't have one here in Sunderland. I originally wanted to go just for MAC make-up but Michael insisted that it would be a waste of the 30 minute Metro journey (it would never be a waste, boys ey?) so we went to Pizza Hut and did some shopping. It turned into a cute little date with some rather expensive shopping...

When I first walked into MAC I had an idea of what I wanted to buy, this being the Pro Longwear Concealer, Prep 'n' Prime Highlighter and a lipstick. But when looking at these products I had no idea what shade to go for or what would work best so I asked one of the lovely MAC make-up artists.

I told her that I have pretty dark circles under my eyes that needed covering and I thought that I needed a lighter colour than my foundation to correct them. After telling the lovely artist my problem she explained how she uses a concealer darker than her foundation. At first I wasn't quite convinced but her face was so flawless so I took her advice in opting for one darker than my foundation. They had no NW20 Pro Longwear concealer in stock so I picked up the Studio Finish concealer instead, she told me that this was heavy coverage and it would even cover up tattoos! The make-up artist gave me a tester of the product to take home but I also bought it, she said I could try the tester and if I didn't like it I would get a refund, what a lovely idea. After using the concealer for two days now it's the best one I've used and I can see why she suggested a shade darker. Expect a review of this wonderful product soon.

I next went on to look at the blushers and lipsticks and ended up picking up Dainty, a beautiful mineralise blush. Then I went to the lipsticks and they didn't have in stock the first two that I wanted but there's so many to choose from I got a lovely cremesheme pink lipstick in the shade Speak Louder.

For all the trouble of nothing being in stock the make-up artist gave me a tester of a primer for oily skin as I'd explained that was my skin-type.

All of the MAC staff are so lovely and helpful so don't be afraid to ask! I now know more about make-up than I did before and I've got some amazing products! A successful but expensive shopping trip!

What's your favourite MAC product?




  1. I just love my 'Viva La Glam II' satin lipstick and 'Stay Pretty' blusher! My go-to everyday favourites!

  2. I've been wanting to try the concealer forever ❤❤

  3. You have a lovely blog Daniella! Great post xx

  4. Really like your blog, great haul, have yourself a new follower!
    Sophie xx

  5. I really want to try this blush now! Great haul